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Wrapped Up: 10 Favourite Throws & 5 Tips For Staying Indoors

Updated 7th August 2019
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Chloe Dominik Wrapped Up


Hey guys! Hope you’re all surviving the cold! Last week was flippin’ freezing! –26 feeling like -39?! I am not used to these kind of temperatures! (This is Toronto by the way). So all those who are in Toronto will know what I’m talking about!  New York was hit with some crazy weather a few weeks back and with snow and high winds forecast back at home in Brum, you might be feeling to stay indoors more than usual which is exactly what I’ve been doing! Minimal time outside if I can help it! Car to house! (My first winter in Toronto). If you do feel like making the most out of your cold days indoors I have picked some of my favourite throws to keep warm and cozy and of course to accessorise your home with and 5 things to keep yourself occupied and but still productive!

  1. You: Ok sure during the cold months these are the best time for YOU time! Do what you want!
  2. Learn: Been meaning to finish that book or start a new one. I love days like this when its cold outside and its just me a book and a hot chocolate.
  3. Research: Some of us had our goals set for New Year start looking in to how to achieve that goal YouTube, Google, reading whatever you need to do to be able start that goal or dream of yours.
  4. Plan: While there’s not much going on outside what are your plans for the year? What could you get done now that there’s lower activities outside? A blog? Been wanting to experiment with some new recipes? Update your CV? Or maybe get started on your business plan? Now you’ve been going over the research you can get doing it!
  5. Catch up: Family and friends you’re more likely to catch people at home during the colder months if you’ve been meaning to phone that person that’s been on your mind and you don’t want to say line ” I was thinking to phone you!” When they call YOU first, now’s the time….phone, whatsapp call, Skype, Viber…. whatever goes.

For some people the cold months aren’t really the times to look forward to. But that’s why they’re called the months of preparation. Not ALL preparation involves the gym for that summer body. (Though I guess that might help). Use these months to your advantage and have fun.

Stay warm!


Chloe Dominik Wrapped Up 10 Favourite Throws

  1. Henrika Lilac Throw, Ikea £15.00/ $19.99 CAD
  2. Veranda Coral Throw, Anthropologie $128 US
  3. Jacquard Weave White/ Grey Blanket, H&M Home £29.99
  4. Magical Thinking  Valentines Throw Blanket, Urban Outfitters $79 CAD
  5. Alpaca Wide Stripe Throws, Restoration Hardware $169 US
  6. Green Checked Acrylic Blanket, Zara Home £69.99/ $99.90 CAD
  7. Blue Herringbone Throw, Zara Home £29.99/ $49.90 CAD
  8. Ultra Faux Fur Throw, Restoration Hardware $99 US
  9. Bronte by Moon Lars Red Throw, John Lewis £89
  10. Faux Fur Chevron Throw, West Elm $79 CAD

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