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11 Random & Simple Things That Really Helped Last Year On Lockdown

Updated 14th January 2021
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Last year certainly had its up and downs and out of the ordinary! We all had to cope and adapt in different ways and we became super grateful for the small and everyday things.

In this post I’m sharing all the random and everyday things that have been a big life saver in the day to day life of last year to present.

  1. I read Ask and It Is Given not long in to the first lockdown. It was really interesting and talks about all the things we can do to navigate our feelings. Like relationships and how a decluttered and organized space affects our energy. If you were feeling a bit low during this time or a dreading another lockdown I recommend this book.
  2. Hoodies and jumpers is literally what I was and (still am) living in at home, especially during the colder months. It’s all about being as cozy as possible!
  3. All thoughts and ideas need a place to go! Although phones are always handy, paper and pen is the best way to free flow, in my opinion anyway. I have a few notebooks filled up and I cannot do with out!
  4. This thermos was an absolute life saver. When out and about filled with hot water and I was ready to make a bottle of formula anytime anywhere for my daughter. I use it when I’m at home just to get my water intake.
  5. I think Zoom calls saved a lot of lives this year! Friends and family over Christmas and just all round of last year!
  6. Everyone’s essential of last year, the face mask. I actually haven’t bought these yet, but need to because the standard face masks break so easily. I just see them all over the ground all the time! For the environment I think cloth face masks are better off in the long run.
  7. Avocado oil is a beauty must have for skin and hair. I use it all the time to take my makeup off.I also add it to hair masks. It’s great because in the colder months it doesn’t go solid like coconut oil does.
  8. Lots of us found ourselves going out for more and longer walks this year and that was a good thing. My adidas trainers were my go to’s. All white and comfortable and they go with almost anything I’m wearing for a relaxed casual look.
  9. My air pods were a present. I’m not sure I would have brought them otherwise! Now that I’ve been using them I love them.
  10. I brought this Seagate external hard drive just before the first lock down, thankfully! I would have been so stuck otherwise! My laptop was short on memory so I needed back up. I’ve brought other external hard drives before but this one is really good. The other external hard drive accidentally dropped out while I picked up the laptop and has ceased working since. The same happened with this one. It’s still working and I can access all my files!
  11. My Nordgreen watch was gifted but I love it and looking to get a different colour. My daughter likes to put on my everyday watch as a result it sometimes goes missing. I feel weird when I haven’t got a watch on so this second watch came just in time!

What were or are the everyday things that saved your life last year? Let me know in the comments below!


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