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2018! What I Learnt From 2017

Updated 7th January 2018
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One week in to 2018! 2017 has come and gone by so fast it seems. I’m not one to make New Years resolutions because self improvement is constant but I have learnt some things from the past year which I am going to put in to practice. (Quick note; I really wanted to say “try” to put in to practice but apparently that’s one word to eliminate from vocabulary).


I Will

As above no more “trying’. I heard from an interview that Lisa Nichols did that there is no such word as “try” in Swahili. Either you are or you aren’t. Makes sense. I think that every person in the world would be a lot happier with clarification. With themselves and others!


There’s Only So Much You Can Do

This kind of ties in with the “I will’. I am going to shorten my to do lists! Everything I would like to get done in a day is so different to what I actually get done in a day. I’m going to keep the list to 3 priorities a day. Done.


Childhood Dreams

I think a lot of us get talked out of what we truly love by our mid teens. When I was little I said I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. People told me being an artist is not a job and it’s unstable occupation. I love interior design but have been missing the freedom of art. So I am making time every week to do some kind of drawing or painting. We can all do what we had in our hearts as kids, even if it is on part time basis!



This one is really simple. More morning smoothies. Got to start off my morning routine the best way possible!

Do What You’re Doing

People are going to have their own opinions no matter what you’re doing. Good, bad and in between. So might as well be doing, the best you can possibly do and it be something amazing.


Reading Variety

As much as I love reading biographies and self development, I feel like I’m missing out on fiction books. I haven’t read a non fiction in a long time. 2018 is going to be the year of more stories! Comment below if you have some good recommendations.


Be Shameless

I need to put myself out there a lot more. I think so many of us are too concerned with what people think as said above. If you good at something, let people know. It’s not showing off. One of my favourite YouTuber’s Maya’s catch phrase. This is something that I have to get used to doing… putting my self out there and letting people know I am here! If I don’t do it who will?! So just to let everyone know I have added my interior design services. If you need some inspirational, yet practical ideas and layouts for your space get in touch!


Happy New Year everyone! x




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