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2020 Calendar Freebie And Favourites From 2019

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Happy 2020! I hope you enjoyed bringing the new year (and decade) in! I thought that it would be rude not have a quick look back on the previous year. So I picked out a few favourite posts from 2019 that you can apply to all areas in your life for better 2020. Oh, and free 2020 desk calendar too!

Top Trend

Woven baskets and bowls were the thing to decorate your walls with last year. Environmentally friendly, pretty and easy to hang up. A beautiful and effective way to fill and decorate your walls. So simple!

2020 Calendar Freebie And Favourites From 2019 - Woven Basket Trend
Source: Unknown

Interior Impact

A favourite place of mine and so many others from last year for interior inspiration was the Elan Cafe in London. So many places have adopted this flower decor theme and places like this just shows how important the interior space impacts your business and growth. For people still skimping on the interior of your home or business, don’t. It’s worth the investment!

Investment Pieces

If you are thinking of updating some things in your home there is no rush to do it all at once. And there 6 decor items that you should definitely not with hold the coin from.

Get It Off Your Chest

This is not say your go round saying whatever is on your mind to every and anyone. Journalling. Write it out! Not on the notes in your phone. Or on your Insta stories or Facebook status (does anyone do that any more?) Get yourself a book write down all the good, the bad and the ugly. But more so, your ideas, your goals and achievements. Once you’ve written it out, read it again to see if you need to bounce if off anyone or not. Organisation for the mind! Speaking of organisation your 2020 calendar…. And the next phase of organisation, your space.

2020 Calendar Freebie And Favourites From 2019 - 2020 Desk calendar


We are in the age of information. And the last decade was all about creation! More and more people are finding different channels to pour their creativity in to. This article gave a few suggestions on creating your own before looking to others for ideas.

Success Principles

Feng Shui is the principles of successful organisation of interior spaces for your home and life. I think an area that is increasingly gaining more focus is the home office. Last year I wrote a post with some great office designs based on the feng shui principle. To put yourself, your business and your money on the best foot for 2020.

2020 Calendar Freebie And Favourites From 2019 - Office Space
Source: All Hous


It was so fun seeing colour blocking being used for interiors. There is so much inspiration at the moment for colour in home spaces. And it looks so good! Easy to do and it adds a bit of personality to your space.

Mental Health

In February I wrote about my social media break from Instagram. A month break from Instagram ended up an 8 month break. And even though I’m checking my Insta a bit more now it’s no where near the amount of time I was on it before. And feel no pressure to post every single day. Now that everyone is on the mental health awareness tip, that break helped tremendously! I think Gary Vee mentioned in video about making January a social media free month. I say do it!

Hope you like 2020 calendar for your desk. And let me know if you’re going to try any tips mentioned for 2020in the comments below!


2020 Calendar Freebie And Favourites From 2019

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