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3 Ways To Create Your Own Home Art Mural

Society 6 Interior Art Mural
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Interior art murals are a great way to make your space unique and creative. In my favourite April pins I featured a botanical line work mural which looked great in the bedroom. A mural can be a complete scene or story piece, a faux texture or abstract. The artwork for the walls or ceiling can be subtle or a statement piece depending on the look and style of your home. And there are a few different ways to achieve it.

Sized Wallpaper

A popular way to create an interior mural for the home is of course done with wallpaper. There are lots of companies that offer murals to fit your exact wall sizes. The mural then comes in sections to be applied which the line up has to be spot on! You get some amazing photography scenes of landscape or some great enlarged artwork which literally looks like its been painted on.

Source: Etsy

Wall Decals

Wall decals are an inexpensive way to create your own art mural. They’re usually made in a vinyl they are fast to put up and come in a variety of sizes. It’s a good way of creating a mural if you’re unsure about the commitment of a full scale art piece. They’re fun and should be easily removable. Helpful if you’re wanting to add some creativity to your home, especially if rent your home!

Peonies Wall Art Mural Decal

Art Mural

Traditionally an art mural is painted directly on to the wall. You may have a talented friend who works on a large scale and paint a mural for you. There are local artists in your area you can look up that already have experience in doing art murals. Another alternative is to find an image you like and blow up and project the image on to the wall and trace it yourself.

Corner Painted landscape art-mural
Source: To je Nepad

Which room would you consider doing an art mural in? Let me know in the comments below!


Featured art mural image from Society 6, Space Frog Designs.

This post contains affiliate links.


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