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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Bedroom

Updated 2nd May 2021
5 Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Bedroom
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1. Bed Size

The most common mistake I see in designing and decorating a bedroom is the size of the bed! So many people insist on having a bed that is way too big for the space. Yes, your room is a bedroom but your bed should not take up the majority of the space. A proper mattress and bed linens should be all you need for a good sleep. There is nothing wrong with a smaller bed if it the space can’t accommodate!

5 mistakes to avoid while decorating a bedroom - bed size
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2. The Right Furniture

Once you have the right size bed the scale of the rest of the furniture comes next. The sizes of the furniture can be tricky but you can always mark out on the floor the sizing of the furniture.

And on that point, how much furniture do you really need in your room? Is a tall dresser better than a wide dresser? Have you already a built in wardrobe or storage? Do you have space for a night stand? If so is a closed drawer nightstand a better option than an open nightstand? The furniture doesn’t have to be all matching either!

3. Enough Storage

No matter what size space you have you can make the most out of your storage space. If you like to read having an open nightstand is more suitable than having a pile of books on the floor. Another under used option is the bed. There are beds with storage under the lift up mattress, drawer options or an bed that is off the floor where you can place storage boxes underneath. Clutter in a bedroom is not relaxing for a good night sleep. An organised space is needed. Have a sort out!

4. Appropriate Lighting

Lighting in your bedroom drastically changes your mood and your sleep. Having one bright ceiling light is not going to cut it. You might have to change the bulbs to a lower wattage or maybe get a more decorative overhead light. If you have space for lamps on nightstands they are a more of a practical option. A sconce or floor light is an option too.

Also consider the natural light from the windows in the morning. Do you like to be woken up by the sun. Or do you need black out curtains and blinds to get the right amount of rest?

5. Colour Mood

Choosing the right colour for your bedroom is so important! Muted colours and neutrals have a more calming effect if you’re looking to maximize on your sleep time. Your walls don’t have to be white, wallpapers can be an alternative. Brighter painted colours can still work in a bedroom but think about where the colour is placed. If it’s the wall directly in front of you when waking up it could be a little jarring.


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