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5 Ways To Create Before Consuming Others Content

Updated 17th November 2019
5 Ways To Create Before Consuming Others Content
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I saw a quote the other day from Marie Forleo that said “Create before you consume.” In today’s world where there are so much to do and see and people to follow on social media it can be hard! Especially when creative content is expected so frequently and you’re running low on ideas! It’s so easy to go straight to consuming other’s content before creating your own. Getting the balance right can be a struggle.

I’ve been trying to get ahead in creating my blogs and designs at least a few weeks ahead of schedule. But have been struggling in what to create and so I’ve been going to see what others are creating. I recently hopped back on to Instagram after an 8 month break and was easily back to scrolling for a couple of hours or so. total opposite of creation before consumption. So how much of our time should we spend creating versus consuming?

1. Set Your Task

Whatever task you have assigned yourself to do, do it. Do it and finish it. It doesn’t matter how it turns out. A piece of artwork, a page or paragraph of writing…It can either turn it out really great (what everyone hopes for first time around!) Or you can figure out and improve for the next time around. But either way its something done and accomplished!

2. Exercise

Creating in a different way. Moving and creating with your body can get creativity started in different ways too. Step away from the task at hand from a different perspective will help you in other ways.

3. Journalling

Get whatever you’re thinking about on to paper. Clear you mind! Old thoughts, new ideas get all of it out. The good, the bad and the ugly. Some things you’ve written out will develop into something further. Or you can just use it as venting session or setting your future goals. The act of writing is powerful creative tool.

4. Tidying Up

Another way of creating in a different way. Not only does it help you to clear your mind but you’re creating a neat and organised space in the process. A win, win! There’s a reason why it’s often hard to work in a cluttered space find out why here.

Both of the Marie Kondo books are still on my to read list! I’m so late on these but I have to read them!

5. Morning Routine

Mornings are said to be the best time to get your things done. This is before you start on tasks for anyone else. The earlier the better! Having said that it’s not always a possible for everyone to get an early start. But if you can start your mornings off your way, the rest of your day is clear for you and everyone else if they need you.

Set A Day A Side

Having given tips on creating before consumption, I still believe you have to see what’s out and about. It’s always good to be original but sometimes we all need a little help. Even Picasso needed inspiration. With all the available content we have at our fingertips it can be a distraction. But also where you can get some inspiration from others around you. It’s a catch 22. Setting a side a day or two a week helps. You don’t have to feel guilty about the hours spent on Youtube and social media. And you’ll probably get some great ideas out of it!

What do you do to create when you have a mind block before seeing what others are up to? Let me know in the comments below.


5 Ways To Create Before Consuming Others Content

This post contains affiliate links.

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