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6 Decor Items To Create A Stunning Fall Home Entrance

Updated 20th October 2020
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Nowadays you have to give as much attention to the outside and front of your of home as you do the inside. Which is good! Any excuse to decorate and make our homes look better! And Fall is the perfect reason to do up your home entrance. There are tonnes of ideas on how to decorate your front entrance on Pinterest.

Welcome in the Fall season with just a few updates! Here some decor items guaranteed to spruce up your home entrance for the Fall.

A Fall Wreath

I’m loving that a wreath for your front door isn’t just saved for Christmas any longer! There are some gorgeous seasonal wreaths available. If you’re really feeling up the challenge you can make one yourself with some faux flowers.

A wreath for your door is maybe all you need to make a impact for the fall home this season.

A Welcome Door Mat

Having a welcome mat outside your front door adds a special and fun little touch.

You can find a plain mat from a lot of places, just grab a stencil and some paint to personalize your very own little message to suit your taste and personality.


Adding lanterns adds a glamorous touch to the home entrance I think. Depending on what style you choose for your overall look you’ll find lanterns to suit your style and theme.

There are lots of different ways you can style lanterns. You can fill them with pine cones, leaves and of course just place a candle or some fairy lights in there.


To group and style items together a couple of baskets or pots are a good idea to use. Especially if your going to be using flowers in the scheme. Tin buckets, woven planters and baskets and terracotta plant pots will all work outside.


Compliment your door wreath with some flowers surrounding your home entrance. Dried grasses and woody branches like willow and hazel will also tie in nicely with the Autumn theme.

Seasonal Food

Fall is of course harvest time, and there are some foods that are synonymous with harvest time. Like pumpkins, apples and wheat. Using pumpkins are a favourite as they come in all different shapes and sizes and you can easily decorate and paint them.

If you want a more traditional look you can leave the pumpkins plain or add a bucket of apples, real or wax fruit.

Have you been inspired to decorate your front entrance for Fall? Or seen any in the neighbour hood you admire? Let me know in the comments below.


Featured Image Source: Craftberry Bush

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the affiliate and terms and conditions page.

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