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7 Amazing Tips To Start Designing Your Space When Stuck

Updated 13th September 2020
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It can be a bit overwhelming to start designing or to re-decorate a room. You know you it needs a big change or an uplift but have no idea where to start. One of the things that can happen is we just procrastinate for months or even years on end just living with the space as it is. Even though it doesn’t make you happy.

Having a clear out before you start thinking about your design will help you get a clearer idea of what needs to be done. After that’s completed you can apply any of these action tips to help you start designing your space or redecorating your room!

1. Pinterest

I am always on Pinterest scrolling for ideas and inspiration for interiors and style. There is so much out there so you can just start a fresh Pinterest board for the room you’re working on and go from there.

Don’t think too much about what you’re pinning at first.

Just start pinning what you like. When you’ve pinned around 20 images or so you can start narrowing down the ideas and styles you like. You will more than likely see some common colours and styles re-occurring through the images. So that’s your starting point.

If you’re struggling to find similar elements pick your absolute favourite design and work from those ideas.

2. A Piece Of Artwork

If you have a piece of artwork that you already have or are looking to buy, that can be your source of inspiration.

You may work from the colours that are in the painting. Or you know that there is absolutely only one place that you want to hang it which will then determine everything else around it.

3. A Rug

To start designing your space from choosing a rug is a great option. From picking the rug it gives you a lot of avenues you can expand the design from. It may be working from pattern or colour that the rest of your design comes together.

Especially when picking out a colour for the room. Always pick the rug before specifying the paint colour. Make sure you have the right size rug for you space!

4. Something Of Sentiment

Have you picked a great piece up from your world travels? Has a family member given you something special? Maybe it’s a fantastic find from a thrift store.

Now is the time to give it’s time to shine. Work around the object and the story behind it and you’ll be surprised at the ideas that will come to you.

5. What’s Not Working?

If there’s something in the room that’s really bothering you start with that.

Looking at what’s not working for you will lay a foundation for a wish list. These can be a short list of “must haves” that will improve your room for the better.

This could be anything from changing the layout. Maybe creating a more intimate seating area. Or adding a task light for a better lit area. It maybe a simple as adding a side table next to your favourite seating spot. Or swapping the coffee table to a fabric ottoman as a multi purpose option as table and foot rest. Also making it a safer option if you have kids.

Have a think and write them down your list of must haves or not haves!

6. Focus On A Feature

If the room you’re working on already has great bones like a fireplace or a great view, focus on that. How can you draw more attention to that for yourself and visitors?

This might be painting the wall or the fireplace and styling the mantel nicely. Trying to highlight that window view? Point your seating furniture toward the window.

Bedroom Arched Window View - 7 Amazing Tips To Start Designing Your Space When Stuck: If you have an area to highlight like this beautiful arched bedroom window focal point then the beautiful view should always steal the show. @chloedominik #archedwindow #archedwindowsbedroom #windowfocalpoint #windowfocalpointbedroom #howtostartdesigningyourhome #designyourroom
Source: 9GAG

7. A Fabric Or A Wallpaper

Is there a patterned fabric or wallpaper that you’ve fallen in love with?

Decide from that fabric or wallpaper whether you going for a maximal look for the rest of the room. Or is that going to be the star for the furniture or the walls?

If your wallpaper or fabric is your main focus that might lead you to a more of a restraint style for other pieces.

I hope those tips helped! If you’re looking to start designing your room let me know which ones you’ll be trying in the comments below!


Featured Image Source: Reserve Home

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