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7 Tips to Start Journalling

Updated 15th May 2019
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Something that I love to to do each today is journalling. Writing out your “stuff” can help in so many ways. Thoughts, ideas, dreams or just reviewing the day or what you have planned. There’s a big difference when you write things out by hand. No matter how messy your handrwiting is or can be. Journalling is for you only anyway, unless you want to share it. As long as you can read it, it’s ok.

Lots of books have suggested how much powerful writing things out by hand rather than typing on a computer is. One of thing I wanted to do at the beginning of the year was to clarify my focus. And journalling has definitely helped to do that. When starting out journalling you can get caught up in trying to get a routine going or for it to be perfect. It really doesn’t matter how you start out, just start writing whatever it is that’s on your mind.

1. Journalling, Anything Goes

Journalling is a great way for dumping your thoughts out on to paper. Whatever those thoughts might be. It’s better out than in. You’re writing it for you so it only has to make sense to you. If you find yourself going over and over something in your mind, write it down. If you tend to forget things you feel are important, write it down. Journalling works both ways.

2. Gratitude

If you are stuck for something to write, writing about something your grateful for is a start. No matter how small it might be.

3. Goals

Another great thing to think about are your goals and aspirations for the near future and further down the line. Seeing your goals written out you can start thinking about what you can do to make them happen. Or these might change down the line. But it gives you something bigger to think and work towards.

4. Not Everything Has To Be Positive

Obviously its always good to focus on the good things like gratitude and goals. You want to the focus on the good in your daily life. But if something bad has happened or if something is bothering you get that out too. I used to only put the good stuff down. But I found myself constantly thinking about things that upset me. Which wasn’t good either. Get it all out one time and go back to focusing on the good. Writing it out might give you a different perspective, if not now maybe later down the line.

5. Keep Your Journal Close To You

I like to keep a journal next to my bed. So I can write first thing in the morning or whenever I feel like it. I also keep a smaller book with me in my bag for when ideas hit or for to do lists.

6. Good Writing Tools

If you’re going to keep your books with you, you need good pens around too. I am very particular about my pens. Once I find good one I stick with it. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the flow of your thoughts and being interrupted. And I mean that in the sense of you can’t find a pen. Your pen runs out or the ink is stuck and you have to scribble some where to get it going again. Or it just doesn’t feel “right”. Find a pen you like and stock up.

7. Experiment

Like with starting anything new, it’s probably going to take a while to get in to it. You can start once a month, once a week, what ever works best for you. The more you do it the easier it gets. If you want to get creative you can play about with the page layouts. Or you can just keep it simple.

I have links my favourite journals and pens at the bottom of the post. Let me know if you like to journal and what your tips are in the comments or email below!


7 Tips To Start Journalling
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