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8 Rattan Styles For Lighting That Will Work For Your Home: Part 2

Updated 24th March 2019
8 Rattan Styles For Lighting That Will Work For Your Home
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A couple of weeks ago I shared an article about the current trend of rattan. In particular, lighting. It’s been a popular material to use and rattan is increasing in popularity due to it’s flexible material. This week I’m going to be sharing the different styles for lighting that can be used for your home.

1. Tiered

A tiered style is great for drawing your eye up depending on the length of the rattan style. Or create volume in a space where a single pendant just doesn’t have enough impact.

8 Rattan Styles For Lighting That Will Work For Your Home - Tiered Rattan Light
Source: Anthropologie

2. Open

The open weave of the rattan style is great for both day and night. An open weave pendant will allow natural light to come through in the day. During the night you will get some great patterns from the pendant.

Walk Rattan 1 Light Drum

3. Natural & Unfinished

This style is definitely more of a boho look. More of a casual, beachy look with sometimes the bottom of the the pendant light left unfinished. With a fringe style round the border.

Mykonos Hanglamp

4. Structured

With a wire or wooden frame you can get a more modern look using rattan for a lighting style. Useful for smaller shapes like pendants over the kitchen island. It will give you more of a closed shape and more focused lighting.

Bent Wooden Vienna Pendant

5. Patterned

Combining the rattan weave with just two different colours is a nice way to get some pattern in to the shade. An organic way to bring in some detail without being dramatic or over the top.

Woven Pendant

6. Decorative

One of the reasons rattan is popular is because of its flexibility. You can get some great rattan styles that combine the weaving to create patterns to create something different, without the use of multiple materials. Simple but effective.

8 Rattan Styles For Lighting That Will Work For Your Home - Decorative Rattan Light
Source: Anthropologie

7. Sculptural

Maybe decorative isn’t your thing and you want something totally unique. You can get some totally unique shapes. Organic styles and the total opposite to bring interest to your space.

Structural Geo Pendant

8. Basket Style

The more popular style for a rattan styles is of course the basket shape. Probably the most used and original forms for using rattan. The basket shape is great in a large style and for bringing emphasis to a main feature like over a dining table. Either in a closed or open weave.

Basket Archer Pendant

Let me know what your thoughts are about rattan lighting styles for the home and what your favourites are.


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