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8 Worthwhile Things To Do While Staying Indoors

For some people staying indoors at home for an extended time is a dream. For others it can turn into a bit of bore. Sometimes you have everything planned in your head as to what you’re going to do and nothing gets done at all! Here are 8 helpful and worthwhile things you can do with your time!

Re-arrange The Furniture

Changing around the furniture in your living room or you bedroom can make a huge difference. If you’ve been considering an update on your main spaces, re-arranging the furniture is fun way to try out a new way of living.

De-clutter and Organise

Whether it’s the kitchen or your wardrobe there are some places that are guaranteed to be sorted out. You’ll feel a whole lot better when everything is order and easy to find!

Make A Vision Board

A vision board is a fun activity for all ages. You can make use of old magazines laying about and print off images to create a vision board for yourself. This can help you focus and remind yourself of what you what for your career, life and family.

You can make a vision board for every area of your life. One for your career which you can hang in the office, or other areas of life. You can do one for a fun family that everyone can get involved in.

8 Worthwhile Things To Do While Staying Indoors - Making a vision board
Source: The B Boost

Write Down Your Goals

Write out your plan and goals for the year ahead. Getting your thoughts down on paper will help you to get clarity and focus on the necessary actions in the write order.

Read Something Inspiring

Staying indoors at home is the perfect time to read something inspiring. Read up on someone you admire, or an interest that you’d like to learn more about.

8 Worthwhile Things To Do While Staying Indoors - Reading inspirational books
Source: So Feminine

Take A Course

There are lots of online courses you can take to improve on existing skills or to learn something totally new.

Start Your Channel

Create your YouTube channel or start your blog. This can be a just as a creative outlet for something that inspires you or something you feel you need to speak on. Whatever it is give it a go you never know what it might turn into!

Print Your Photos

How many photos have you got on your phone that you’ve forgotten about? Clear up some phone memory and print them out instead. If you haven’t got a printer you can use an online service instead. You can use your photos to make a gallery wall, a photo album or book. Or you can use a few photos in your vision board.

8 Worthwhile Things To Do While Staying Indoors - Printing and using your photos
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Let me know what your favourite things are while staying indoors at home. Will you be trying any of the suggestions any time soon? Put down in the comments a yes in the comments and which one!


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