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9 Beautiful Christmas Flowers & Plants To Decorate With

Updated 11th December 2020
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Christmas is a time when you can get extra creative with your home decor. You put the tree up, the lights and everything else you can think of to get in the festive spirit. Bringing in flowers and plants can make it an even friendlier and warmer atmosphere at Christmas.

1. Poinsettia

Bringing in a Poinsettia into your home immediately adds a Christmas feeling to the room. A traditional plant, perfect for a table centre piece or dotted around the home.

2. Holly

Another plant associated with Christmas is of course Holly. Known for it’s deep green polished leaves and vibrant red berries it’s a great decorative plant to use in the home. It’s pretty to use but best kept out of the way, use in wreaths and off low surfaces.

3. Ivy

Real or faux ivy is an ideal plant to decorate with for Christmas because of it’s flexible vines. Use it for a wreath, garland or other decorative ways.

4. Mistletoe

The delicate plant with white berries usually hung in doorways to get a kiss from a loved one. No matter if you’re trying to be kissed or not, mistletoe still makes a gorgeous plant for decoration int the home.

5. Pine Branches & Cones

If you’ve opted for a real Christmas tree then you already have some evergreen foliage on display. But using pine branches, real or faux for garlands and decorations can be used in lots of creative ways. Like this gorgeous garland draped across this gilded statement mirror with crystals layered over it.

Christmas Garland Over Gilded Mirror: 9 Beautiful Christmas Flowers & Plants To Decorate With: A stunning home Christmas decoration idea using a garland draped over a gilded leaner mirror. The garland is styled with beautiful string crystals and pine cones balancing the natural and glamorous elements together. #christmasdecorations #christmasdecor #christmashomedecor #leanermirrordecor #gildedmirror #gildedmirrordecor #christmasgarland #christmasgarlandsideas
Source: Pinterest

6. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a favourite to use all through the year as well as Christmas. Use bunches of eucalyptus to decorate a focal point like this fireplace draped with eucalyptus and wooden beads. Simple and pretty!

Garland Mantel Fireplace: 9 Beautiful Christmas Flowers & Plants To Decorate With: A beautiful and simple eucalyptus garland draped across the fireplace mantel with a wooden bead intertwined in the garland for a simple Christmas home decoration #christmasplants #christmasplantsdecorations #christmasgarland #christmasgarlandmantel #christmasgarlanddecor #christmasgarlandideas
Source: Pouted

7. Cotton Stalks

Using cotton stalks for decor around Christmas may not be a normal option but it is unique and striking. Particularly if you’re going for a more minimalist style or a Scandinavian look.

Source: Etsy

8. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have so many varieties of flowers that it makes it a flower almost difficult not to use. Deep rusts, red and purples might be more Christmas “appropriate” if you’re thinking of a traditional look. But using dried hydrangeas for antiqued Christmas style can be pretty too.

9. Roses

Roses are an elegant and make beautiful decor pieces for Christmas and any other time of year.

Which looks are your favourite and what’s your favourite Christmas flowers to decorate with? Are they on the list? Let me know in the comments below.


9 Beautiful Christmas Flowers & Plants To Decorate With: Using flowers and plants for home decor in the run up to Christmas here are some traditional and non traditional flowers and plants that will look great for the Christmas season. @chloedominik #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #christmasflowers #christmasplants #christmasdecorideas


  • Franki Parde
    22nd December 2020 at 14:19

    Your floral creations are beautiful…luv the photos!! franki

    • chloedominik
      22nd December 2020 at 22:05

      Hi Franki, the photos are lovely aren’t they! I can’t take credit for them though! All the credits are stated and linked below each photo. Thanks for reading!


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