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9 Essentials For Hosting The Perfect Garden Party

Updated 7th April 2021
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Summer is the best time for getting together with friends and family. Longer days, warmer weather is guaranteed to make everyone feel better. What makes summer days even better? Throwing a garden party or a barbecue. To make a great host for your guests, here are the essentials for throwing the best garden party.

Table Decor

Your table decor is down to personal taste and how much space you have on your table. Having a few decorations will be a nice touch and doesn’t have to be over the top.

A fabric runner down the table centre with some jars of flowers is simple but pretty. Inexpensive too.

Outdoor Dinner Table - 9 Essentials For Hosting The Perfect Garden Party: A simple, beautiful outdoor dinner table set up and so quick to do with just a simple fabric table runner down the centre, decorated with vases full of handpicked flowers. A rustic look for your garden party. @chloedomink #outdoordinnerparty #gardenparty #outdoordinnerpartiestablescapes #gardenpartytabledecor #rusticgardenpartytabledecor #gardenpartytablesetting #gardenpartyessentials #hostingagardenparty
Source: Delikatissen

Comfy Seating

When you’re going to eating and chatting for most of the day, you’re going to need some comfortable garden seating. Having some extra cushions might help too, for the chairs and the floor.

Beautiful Boho Outdoor Space - 9 Essentials For Hosting The Perfect Garden Party: A beautifully decorated outdoor space hung with lighting and lanterns above and plenty of seating ranging from wicker chairs and throw cushions on the ground, perfect idea for a garden party. Candles add to the boho styled space and cozy throws for the guests. @chloedominik #gardenparty #gardenpartyideas #bohogardenparty #bohogardenpartyideas #bohogardenpartydecoration #gardenpartyessentials #hostingagardenparty
Source: Unknown

Water Dispenser

If you want to go the extra mile as host a water dispenser will go a long way. It will also save you time having to refill glasses going in and out the kitchen from the garden.

You can add some lemons or limes and top with ice every now and then. Or fill the dispensers with some juices as a different option.

Music Speaker

What’s a party without some music?

Whether turned up to full volume or playing softly in the background, music always sets a good tone for the party.

Source: Alex Blajan


This is a time to put out your best tableware items and dream up different colour themes and arrangements. It won’t stay that way for long but when your guests first sit down it will look impressive.

How about a moody colour themed table scape? I love the dark colours used in this table decor.


Having some nibbles on the table will keep your guests happy through out the day. Easy and fun!

Create a large grazing platter down the centre of the table. Or space a few platters around the table.

Source: Unsplash

Wine Glasses

You might want to change up your wine glasses according to what drinks are going to be on offer. Have a think as to what glasses will work well with the decor.

Short? Long stemmed wine glasses? Decide what style works best.

Source: Unsplash


Adding some lighting to the space is a great way to keep the party going that little extra longer. You can hang some string lights and paper lanterns.

Mixing up different layers of lighting will enhance the atmosphere for the evening.

Boho Lantern Garden Setup - 9 Essentials For Hosting The Perfect Garden Party: A gorgeous boho night party decorated with Chinese lanterns from the tree and floor lanterns to set the atmosphere. Wicker seating with large cushions is the perfect place to lounge out and chat. @chloedominik #gardenparty #gardenpartyideas #gardenpartydecor #hostingagardenparty #gardenpartyessentials #paperlanternsgardenparty
Source: Pinterest


Having some throw blankets on hand for when it gets cooler in the evening is going to make you popular with your guests. Hang the blankets on the back of the chairs or store in a basket for later.

Blankets For Guests - 9 Essentials For Hosting The Perfect Garden Party: Providing rolled up blankets in a storage basket for your guests to cozy up under once your garden party goes past dusk is going to make you the best host ever! @chloedominik #gardenparty #gardenpartyideas #gardenpartydecor #hostingagardenparty #gardenpartyessentials #gardenpartyblankets
Source: Muito Chique

Are you planning a garden party this summer? If so let me know in the comments below.


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