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A Psycho-Cybernetics Refresh During The Extended Downtime

Psycho Cybernetics
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With all this time on our hands, (on my hands) I was going over some notes from a good read book, Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. The book is really not as complicated as the title sounds! Its really just about you and life. But a really good version of how to apply it to yourself and all the things we have in our power to make everything “just so.” Something said to go back to it to this week and I’m glad I did! There’s lots of things to think about during this time of “social distancing” and “self isolation.”

I think reading positive books like this one is going to be key in fighting things like boredom, loneliness and depression in these coming weeks. It’s kind of scary how things can change so suddenly, like we’ve seen so recently! The only thing we have full control over is ourself. This book talks all about that and how can make the most of ourselves and create a future we want.

“No one can decide what your thoughts shall be but yourself.”

This book will help you to look at yourself in a positive way and to hold the vision of the person you see yourself becoming. I think a whole lot of people will be doing a whole lot of self reflection during this time and for some it might be taking them to places they don’t like or didn’t even know they had. It also talks about allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are and not conforming to the way others want us to be.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon and had recognised that even after plastic surgery a lot of his patients still maintained a poor self image. Maltz gives tips like visualisation to healing and forgiving past emotional hurts and wounds. So when there is less thoughts of negativity you can focus on improving yourself. Which then improves everything else.

“The self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment. It defines what you can and cannot do.”

What books are you planning to read during this extended down time? Have you already read Psycho Cybernetics? Either way let me know in the comments below!


Psycho Cybernetics read during hard times! Gain some more insight into yourself while you can

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