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About Me

A Brummie living in Toronto, between here and home sharing my love of design and life!

I am an interior designer and I’ve always had a love for art and design so this is where I write down all my findings! Plus all those other related extras and interests too. This is my place where I like to put down all those extras bits about life, creativity and inspiration.

There’s often more than just one thing going on in our lives and I’d like to share some of these other bits with you too! From design, interiors, art, travelling, writing, reading, fashion and beauty and everything else!

I created my blog as a place to put all those other creative pieces “together”. I hope that you get something out of it too!

At some point everything started off as “by design” and this is my contribution to see what else can be designed and what designs inspires us…

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Thanks for reading! Design You!





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