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August Pinterest 2021: Top 15 Favourites Amazing Ideas & Inspiration

Updated 5th September 2021
August pinterest 2021
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Lots of inspiration for home design and life to get ready for the Autumn season! A roundup of some of the favourites for August Pinterest 2021. It’s been a while since the last roundup which was back in February! But there’s always so many amazing ideas and inspiration on Pinterest that these Pinterest favourites were long over due!

Here are the favourite pins from August Pinterest 2021…

15 Top Pinterest Faves

Home Office

Setting up a home office doesn’t have to a huge and expensive. Having a little desk for work, studying or just doing your day to day admin help to keep you and everything else organized.

This simple wooden desk and rattan chair is just the right size and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. So you’d be able to set up a bedroom home office if you have limited space. The office accessorizes and the styling finish it off the look perfectly!

If you do have space to set up a dedicated home office, Ikea is always a good place to start for the bigger home office items. These white Ikea Alex drawer units are a popular option and are available in various widths.

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The all white gives the office a modern and clean look as well as flexibility to change up the style. The creative wall decor and styling adds fun and interest to the space.


Hallways can be a challenge to get just right with styling and organization. Just by choosing a couple of great items suitable for the hallway space makes a big difference to how your space looks and feels.

This long wooden work bench and large scale prints is just the right amount of decor. And the bench makes the area extra useful.

Another simple and functional idea for creating an organized hallway area. Combining the right amount of open and closed storage will make a huge difference in how it feels coming in to the house.

The floating shelf with the hanging rack underneath makes sure that only essential items are on display. While everything else can be stored away and hidden out of sight!

Interior Styling

A beautiful light and airy Scandinavian style dining room creatively styled with art prints and table decor. Different chair designs around the rounded dining table gives it a comfortable and homely vibe.

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An empty corner is a chance to flex your styling skills. Try styling based on a colour scheme like this black and white monochrome setup. Or make the empty area in to a drop zone to make a home for your bits and bobs and essentials.

What’s your self care day look like? Group and style your body care essentials out in your bathroom as part of your daily routine or spa session treat. It just looks that little bit more fancy!

This photo captures the essence of an Autumn day staying indoors with some home comforts. Some scented candles, a hot drink and a good book! And surrounding yourself with more pretty things for a feel good atmosphere. Such a Hygge day!

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Finish Focus

The fluted finish is very much the trend for this year in interiors. And this shelving unit is bang on trend! With a simple natural wood finish for the open shelving with a fluted finish for the drawers.

A lovely bedroom interior design by Norsu Home. A modern sliding door on a track divides the bedroom from the bathroom ensuite. Using sliding doors is a great way of maximizing the space in rooms.

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Kitchen styling! Keep all your kitchen essentials neatly organized and displayed and ready for use. Decide on what your necessities are and have some fun displaying them. This monochrome modern Scandi kitchen is wall balanced between function and style.

Time to get that kitchen pantry organized or maybe just organize the whole kitchen! This organized kitchen pantry from Anj serves as inspiration that a job worth doing is worth doing well.

Displaying some wall artwork in the kitchen helps bring some creative interest to the kitchen space!


Some favourite fashion and beauty pins I’ve been scrolling for ideas this season! Loving the different muted coloured shades for each nail.

Jumpers, jeans and flats is definitely the everyday outfit to go to this season. Casual and comfortable and swap out for heels or boots in the evenings. Good to go!

So those are the favourites from all the pinning this August Pinterest 2021! Hope you enjoyed it!


This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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