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Back To Work Series: Top 10 Desk Light

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The third and final post in the Back To Work Series, lights. After your desk and chair, a desk light is needed to complete the basics of your office. Lighting in general has really evolved in the last few years, with more emphasis put on lighting and how it effects our environment. There’s no shortage in cool design in lighting. There’s lots to pick from whether you prefer something a sleek slim line look or something more substantial. I’ve listed my favourites for desk lighting below…


Morgan Desk Light

Image Source: Crate & Barrel

I really love this torpedo head shaped lamp from it slim lime stem. A substantial light but not overall not bulky.


Sterling Lamp

Image Source: Crate & Barrel

This, is sleek! It’s almost like a chrome pencil on a hinge, a totally modern design from Crate & Barrel. Also available in an all white finish.

Clamp Mini Task Light

Image Source: Mini Clamp Task

A clamp task light, is so handy. With it fixing to the underneath of the table it gives you more room on your desk area. Better if you have a smaller surface area as this one is going to only be used on the perimeters of desk.


Antifoni Lamp

Image Source: Ikea

A light with a good arms reach. Flexible, you’ll be able to direct this lamp over almost area you need to from a distance without it being in the way.

Ranarp Desk Light

Image Source: Ikea

More of an industrial style, with the gold details adding an extra touch to it’s look. This one is a nice option from Ikea.

Riggard Lamp

Image Source: Ikea

The Riggard lamp is multiple use with a charging pad built in to the base of the lamp. So while you’r busy working your phone can be silently charging away.

Inez Lamp

Image Source: Structube

A cool mechanical desk lamp, I imagine this kind of lamp would look right at home in engineer’s or architects office.

Duke Lamp

Image Source: Structube

Very much the look for now, the Duke has the rose gold look that everyone is after.


Linear Wood LED Lamp

Image Source: West Elm

Contrasting the gold chunky metallic base with the slim line wood light, I love the design of this desk lamp from my favourite West Elm.


Modern Oxford

Image Source: West Elm

A similar kind of lamp that you might be used to seeing on the ends of the desks in the old libraries. The Modern Oxford desk lamp from West Elm is updated version of the classic used the libraries.





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