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Christmas Countdown: Best Final Minute Gifts

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Final Christmas Days

Hey guys! We are well and truly into the final days of the countdown before Christmas! Just a couple of days left! For anyone that still has shopping to do…. I feel so sorry for you! I went the other day and it was kinda of crazy but it could have been a lot worse! So for those of you who are either really crazy or just the final minute kind of person I’ve put together a quick post that might just save you going from shop to shop because online is obviously out the question!


Where To Go

The only place that I would think to head out to, these last days would be the bookstore. Chapters, Waterstone’s which ever store is relevant to where you are. You are going to find something for everyone and you’ll be able to wrap it the same night. You might have to wait in long ass queue but as long as you have a decent book in your hands, you’re good!


Best Books To Get 

I love the design, creative books. They’re a great gift and they always show the “decorative” books at the front of the store. Whether its for inspiration or just a book to leave on the table to look good and for your friends to browse when they come round, I don’t think you can go wrong with this option! Just make sure that it’s an area they have some what of an interest in. With two actual shopping days left what else are you going to get them?! I spent some time looking through some design books and picked out my favourites. Just in case you need some help…





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