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Cool New York Farmhouse Dining Room: Steal The Look

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I came across this cool farmhouse dining room the other day and had to share it. A cool modern twist that has been incorporated into the home decor. The design was done by Change & Co. on a new build in upstate New York.

Cool New York Farmhouse Dining Room: Get The Look
Source: Domino

It’s a fun, modern design paired with traditional and classic elements of the architecture. Two sputnik chandeliers take centre over the extra long wooden farmhouse dining table. The bright red chairs pop against the darker background colours used to decorate the dining room.

I think this dining room has the right mix of modern elegance and playfulness. Using bold colours in smaller doses makes isn’t as overwhelming as painting the whole room a bright colour.

Steal The Look Tips

  1. For the sputnik chandelier make sure its the right scale for your dining room.
  2. A wooden plank dining table.
  3. Use extra high back spindle dining chairs on the ends and lower backs for the rest of dining chairs.
  4. You might want to choose another bold colour other than red. Plain wooden chairs are probably more easily available so painting the chairs in a semi gloss or gloss is a good option.
  5. To add interest to the space you can do a gallery wall, add woven bowls for decoration. Or something a bit more unusual like the wooden paddles displayed on the wall. Have a look in some second hand shops and antiques stores for things a bit more eccentric.
  6. A shallow dish or vessel will add some interest to the table.

Steal The Look

Steal the cool farmhouse look
  1. Dining table
  2. Chandelier light
  3. Dining chair
  4. Dining chair
  5. Bull’s Eye Red 2002-20
  6. Sun Porch 2023-30
  7. Big Country Blue 2066-30
  8. Paddle decor
  9. Table top onyx bowl

What do you think about this farmhouse dining space? Love it? Or no? Let me know in the comments below.


Cool modern New York farmhouse dining room by Change & Co: Steal the Look

Photography by Sarah Elliott

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from.

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