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Earn What You’re Really Worth

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Brian Tracy’s book Earn What You’re Really Worth is one of those classics you hear about again and again. I finally picked it up and read it. The subject everyone wants to know more about, that you’re not taught in class. Making more money.

Here are the main points I picked out from the book.  First of all, the good news…

You’re Worth More

Really good news!

“…the amount that you are truly worth is vastly higher than anything you’ve enjoyed up to the current day.”

 This is after he hits you with a real hard bit of information to swallow. But this just goes to shows that there really are no limits to what we’re able to earn. It’s not just movie stars and musicians who earn the top dollar cash.


Get Busier

Trying new things, taking more actions to what is you want. Deciding what skills and talents you want to develop and take your career further. Know which areas to get busier in. Productivity in the right things. Sitting down and working for a set amount of time no matter how crap it turns out to be.


Something that I’m always working on myself! There are lots of videos on YouTube with different tips to become more self-disciplined. Taking more actions in the right things even when you don’t feel like doing them is only way to make progress. Fast. Tracy outlines this as the most important for success.

Learn More

There is so much information. Internet, library among other resources. I find that a book works better, there isn’t another twenty videos loaded up for me to watch! Putting yourself in the right places and around the right people might bring opportunities and information you may not have come across other wise.

“To earn more, you must learn more.”



That maybe be money. Maybe it’s time. Or both. But it’s has to go towards getting better at something that will help you go that extra mile. Courses, books, seminars or asking if you could pick someone’s brain for an hour or so.

You Are Self Employed

Whether this is actually the case or not it still remains relevant. You are always representing yourself whether you’re working for yourself or someone else. Getting the people to notice you. That could be being promoted to a higher position within in your company or a client recommending your services to someone else.


Earn What You’re Really Worth is an easy read. Another thing to continuously put in to practice. But I guess that’s where the discipline comes in! Definitely a book to keep going back to, a good reminder that anything is possible!












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