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Exploring The Scottish Highlands

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It’s getting cold! It’s the kind of weather that makes you rush home to snuggle up with a blanket, and a big mug of hot chocolate. Where you can watch the world from inside, safe and warm. But in the colder seasons there’s equally as many things to do and explore too, it’s just about getting the right balance. (And being dressed appropriately!)


The Scottish Highlands

This time last year I found that balance on my visit to the Scottish Highlands where the outdoors is the place to be. But just as equally staying in a cozy cottage with it’s open log fires with it’s incredible views is just as inviting. Staying in was a treat, beautiful laid tables with homemade breads, soups courtesy of our hosts. And the choice tipple to warm up in the evening? Whiskey of course. There’s lots of distilleries for whiskey and gins to tour on a day out.


Culgower House

Culgower Breakfast Spread

The Highlands Scenery

Along our trip of NC500 there was a whole range of scenery. The Rogie Waterfalls was a picturesque view with the array of leaf colours wrapping the rocks around it. From rocky jagged terrain to the flat white crystal beaches of Mellon Udrigle Beach pretty blue tinged with hues of pinks from the mountains. We passed lots lochs on our way looking down to the valleys. While looking above we’d catch glimpses of reindeers from behind the rocks. The road dotted with “neighbouring” homes such a distance away neighbours doesn’t seem like right term.


Exploring The Scottish Highlands

Rogie Falls


Exploring The Scottish Highlands

Mellon Udrigle Beach


Exploring The Scottish Highlands


With all that’s on offer to see outside in the Highlands with such an expansive open space, it’s not hard see why the homes we stayed are just so “homely”. A lovely contrast from interior to exterior. Warm, cozy filled with treats like wine, whiskey and shortbread biscuits. Board games stacked in a corner to play in front of the fire. All the while hearing the stories and legends of the places and the people from the locals. Who were amazing and so, so welcoming!


Exploring The Scottish Highlands



Exploring The Scottish Highlands

Whiskey Bar at The Torridon Inn


Exploring The Scottish Highlands

Dunrobin Castle


Exploring The Scottish Highlands

Dunrobin Garden Gates






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