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February Pinterest 2021: Top 15 Ideas & Inspiration

Updated 3rd October 2023
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Spring time is upon us! So for this month’s favourites of February Pinterest I’ve found myself drawing towards a mix of inspiration for the outdoors and organization. Looking through the the picks of this month, I’d describe them as quite clean and fresh looks all around. (Bring in Outkast). I think even the one beauty pick fits the mould. Have a look and see what you think….

The featured image is lovely view from the dining room looking into the living room. Note the H&M bamboo light pendant over the dining table. I love how the wide doorway is framed by open bookshelf across the entire wall with the blue from the living room popping out. This is a great idea if you need to maximize your storage if you want to make a room a mini library.

Source: Pinterest

This interior is the same idea with the entire wall in shelving, this time framing the doorway of the living room into the bedroom. It’s styled and curated with more of elegant minimalist look. With space for the tv and media too. I think having the bottom section for closed storage is a practical idea.

What would have been a dead zone in this LA home has been turned into a comfortable nook with tonnes of natural daylight. An ultimate chill out area! The secondary window to the living room from the nook is great way to bring in extra light.

A modern open concept kitchen and living room area. Black window frames are definitely a thing at the moment. And I love it! I like the style of these black windows with the shape of the arc in the glass panes. The kitchen island is amazing as well!

Source: Pinterest

Some more curves for you. The black framed oval mirror is the main feature of the bathroom with the contrast of the square tile clad bathroom. A cool, clean and modern look.

I love the look of the traditional herringbone pattern in white tile with the pop of the terrazzo tile in the shower niche. The ultra slim brass shower fixture completes the look.


Source: Planete Deco

This picture is like a two in one. One for travel, a morning Mediterranean vibe (so looking forward to being able to do that again!) And two, just for the decor the beautiful coloured pattern tiles against the white plastered walls.

Source: Magnolia

More gorgeous tiling but used inside the water feature. It such a simple idea with the tiles and the copper pipes for the water feature but it’s really effective and lovely. Definitely giving indoor outdoor living ideas for the summer!

Interior Styling

Source: Pinterest

I feel like open shelving in kitchen are becoming more popular. It’s practical for kitchen use and a great way to display your personality and organizing skills. Add in art frames and little display pieces among the jars and tableware. However stay away from if you’re a tad on the messy side!

Source: Pinterest

One of the trends I mentioned for this year was dried flowers. The dried flowers used here look so pretty in the styling for this bedroom.

Source: Pinterest

Love the beautiful layered artwork styling used on this black rattan door console table.

Source: Pinterest

Some simple bar cart styling for a modern bar cart.


This is an amazing storage idea for your hallway! A pull out closet for coats under the stairs which gives easy access to coats and storage. Completely out the way and almost unseen while saving so much space!

Coffee and drinking stations are having their moment. I’m not surprised with all the homeschooling and work hours been put in at home during lockdown! A drinks station is a good idea to have at home for break times and when guests come over. Everything on hand and all in one place.


Source: Pinterest

I really like this nail idea for a spring look!

What are your favourites from this the February Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below!


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