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Free People: Retail Inspo

Updated 11th October 2017
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Recently I was having a wander round the stores. I’m always on the look out for new things and inspiration from the retail world. Store front displays, new set ups things like that (as well as seeing what the trends are, both clothing and interiors). I found myself popping into Free People. Not a store that I’ve been in to before, but their display caught my eye. When I stepped inside the store it reminded me of the wicker feature that I did a couple of months ago.


Free People Style

Above the Free People counter at the back are four large basket pendants. I love this look it reminds me of my Indonesia trip. They used similar lighting at an amazing seafood restaurant on the beach in Bali. Free People has a chilled, bohemian vibe about it. A simple and relaxed look using natural finishes, gives it a cool, beachy, Hawaiian feel. I’ve been looking to find another retail experience to serve as home interior inspiration since  WILFRED. Free People is totally different look and style which is why I thought it’d would be a good one to follow up with.



Recreate Bohemian Style

The backdrop for the Free People counter desk, the main feature of the store, is something you could easily recreate for a bedroom at home. If you like this kind of style. You could use bamboo blinds as a back drop to your bed. Or if you have a large space you could use the blinds to create two different areas within the space. A lot like they used in the store (the changing room entrance was just behind the screen).  Add some string lights or a cool signage light feature in front of the screen to make it the main focus of your space.




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