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Gabriel Moreno: Featured Artist

Updated 24th March 2020
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Gabriel Moreno one of my favourite artists and illustrators. A Spanish illustrator based in Madrid, he is experienced in a number of other artistic fields such as engraving, sculpture and digital art. Recognised more for his work in illustration Moreno has worked with a number of top brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Rolex and Victoria Secrets in their advertising campaigns and is featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, GQ and the Sunday Times.

Gabriel Moreno Nike Campaign – Source: Huffington Post

You can see photos of Moreno working on his large scale illustrations on his Instagram page with many shortened stub pencils covering his canvases. His drawings are detailed with cross hatching and layers of pencil and often coloured ink interrupting the portraits. Moreno’s work are primarily based around the female identity giving us detailed portraits to these larger than life women. The artist has also been commissioned to do a number of art murals too which suit his scale of work. Rhythm and movement are big focus in his artwork, as shown in his video moments capturing the flow of his pencil lines stroke by stroke.


As often with artists he draws inspiration from the world around him. Influences of the past include artists Robert Motherwell, Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha and Berto Martinez. The art of Moreno has the contrast of graphical detailed features with layers of more coloured line work, tattoos and bursts of colour around. Study the paintings and you might find a super hero or two among the patterns and symbols coating the canvas. One of the many reasons you can find yourself immersed in his work for hours, other than it’s scale and beauty.

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Gabriel Moreno for Hong Kong Art Fair
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