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How To Best Design Your Space From Start to Finish

Updated 12th July 2018
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When clients are pulling ideas and start sourcing for items and furniture I hear all the time. “This is so much work” and “I have been so many places looking for this and this…” Designing your space is a time consuming process and can go on for a long length of time depending on what your looking to achieve.

Here are some tips to stream line and make the design and the completed process as simple as possible.

1. Have A Clear Vision

Whether it’s your own vision, a page pulled from a magazine or a photo pulled from Pinterest or Instagram… have one clear vision of what you would like your space to be like. You can research as much as you like but make a decision on a style you like and keep it consistent. It can complicated when you pull all sorts of different styles from all over the place. What do you like the most? Modern and minimal? Cozy and traditional? As designer we still need some input of what you looking for end the result.


2. A Budget

A lot of the time when the question of budget comes up it’s “I’m not too sure.” Or “It’s whatever its costs.” Be upfront and honest. Because if you have an idea of your head of spending a certain amount for the whole space and the designer comes back to you with that same amount on one piece, you’re going to a bit a bit bewildered. After that you might go looking elsewhere.


3. Accurate Measurements

This depends on what design service you opt for. With an e-design service you are able to us the floor plans if it’s a new build. It’s always a good idea thought to double check the measurements. Buildings can get changed and with new builds often there are different plan options make sure you note whether it’s mirrored and if you have chosen the plan with an extra bedroom. If it’s an older home measurements will have to be taken. So it’s up to you whether you do it or if the designer comes to take them.


4. A Timeline

Probably the most important of all. Time is everything! Time will determine where you can source from as well as the price as certain items. Knowing the time constraints will see if there is allowance for custom pieces or not. Also the location of where they are coming from. Do the majority of pieces have to sourced locally or is there time for the odd piece to come a further distance? You’ll be surprised how a time line can snap you into quick decisions!


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