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How To Update Your Room Without Spending A Fortune

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Bored with your space?! Looking to update the interior of your room but haven’t got the budget to refurnish and redecorate everything? You don’t need a lot to transform your space. You can make it a whole different space without buying new everything. A couple of changes here and there can make a big difference.

1. Colour

Changing the colour of your walls. It can be a subtle difference change in colour or something totally unexpected. It doesn’t have to be all the walls either how about just changing the ceiling colour, or maybe the cupboards and cabinets? If you rent maybe the changing the wall colours isn’t an option you can add colour elsewhere…

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2. Fabrics

Soft furnishings is a simple and cost effective way to add colour, pattern and textures to your space. Contrasting textures and colours you can really have fun with this and you don’t have to worry about “being wrong”. There is no such thing, see what you think works and what doesn’t. Change it up seasonally if you like!

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3. Hardware

They say the devil is the details. Swapping around the hardware on your cabinets or changing the hooks in your hallway are small details you can change. You can get some beautiful, unique finishing touches to update your space. Whether you buy retail or go hunting a garage sale or vintage store.

Source – DeVolkitchens

4. A Re-Jig

A re-jig of the furniture is great way to change up your space. You might need an extra pair of hands depending on what you’re moving. A reset of the furniture. Instead of having the furniture facing the tv maybe you can create a more intimate area for conversation for when you have friends over.

There’s a lot of different ways to update your space without going overboard and changing every fixture and fitting. If you’re making  start and need some design advice you can book a consult with me.





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