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IDS Toronto 2019

Updated 9th December 2019
IDS Toronto 2019 - Hollis + Morris
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Over the weekend I went to the Interior Design Show, IDS Toronto. I missed last years and I always like to go to see what’s new and what everyone is talking about. They had some good design talks on too which is probably my favourite part of IDS. With talks from QuestLove, Brian Gluckstein, Camille Mitchell, Ryan Korban. Also the founding partners of the Design Agency were there, giving their design nuggets of wisdom. They have designed loads of cool spots around Toronto including the Broadview Hotel, the beautiful art deco Lena Restaurant on Yonge and the Nando’s on Danforth.

1. Travel Inspiration

The topic that came up again and again was the suggestion of travel for inspiration. Not just the importance of seeing other interior spaces but how inspiration for a space can be drawn from anything. Nature, people, food, anything.

2. Luxury Living

Another point that was made was luxury living doesn’t necessarily mean going out and buying everything new or the most expensive items. It can new fabric for a chair new pulls for a cabinet. And it doesn’t have to come from one place.

3. Working Progress

Your home and space is a working progress! As long as the functionality and purpose is right for you and your family that is the main thing. Things will be added and changed with time.

4. Create Outside Of Social Media

Instagram and Pinterest can be a source of inspiration….but feel like you’ve already seen the same design 4 times? It’s probably because you have! Sometimes it’s good to step away for a while to think of something new.

5. Not Just a Pretty Space

Your space or any environment you go in to is super important. It affects you as a person. It’s not just about how it looks. It may be a picture perfect a space but how does it make you feel? Design should benefit you both in wellness and in charm.

Here are some of my snapshots from IDS Toronto. Smeg had a booth with the Dolce & Gabbana collection I saw up close in person. I was told that each artwork on the appliance was shown on a dress for the collection. A different kind of living, converting shipping containers in to modern living spaces. And a few favourites like EQ3 and Hollis & Morris.

Enjoy! Chloe

IDS Toronto 2019 -By Nature
IDS Toronto 2019 - Design Agency Talk
IDS Toronto 2019 - Shipping Container Living by Harrison Fae
IDS Toronto 2019 - New Living Shipping Container
IDS Toronto 2019 - EQ3 Accessories
IDS Toronto 2019 - Viking Colour Oven Doors
IDS Toronto 2019 - Smeg Dolce & Gabbana
IDS Toronto 2019 - Smeg Dolce & Gabbana toaster

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