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IDS Toronto: Interior Design Show 2016

Updated 30th June 2017
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The Interior Design Show in Toronto was on at the Metro Convention Centre last week. From Friday the 22nd to Sunday 24th January, the trade showing being the 21st on the Thursday. This being my first time at the IDS show in Toronto.  Tom Dixon being the guest speaker on the trade day! I was so disappointed not to go that day! I heard he was really good and very down to earth. He is one of my favourite designers and I’ve mentioned his work in a post last year as a point of inspiration using mixed metallics. I love, love his lighting. There was also another stand done as part of collaboration with Tom Dixon and Caesar Stone. I’d read about it on Dezeen before I visited the show. Tom Dixon’s take on ice sculptures for furniture. I also heard that another English designer Lee Broom did a talk at the show, he started out in his career in fashion doing an intern-ship with Vivian Westwood and then transitioning to retail. He’s designed for Topshop, Christian Louboutin at Harrods and some gorgeous design products like the crystal bulb. Unfortunately I missed the seminars and talks this year, it’s one of my favourite parts of any design shows like this.

Among the top, top designers, there was of course other great companies, designers and products at the show. Companies like EQ3, Casalife and hollis + morris to independent and up and coming designers and artists. One of the designs I particularly liked is the design featured by Garman Furniture as part of independent design area of the show. I really like the tables intersected with open table filled with greenery in and being able to build the pattern up. I also came across some cute decorative planters that were used on the back wall of the Wrigleys Excel stand. I Googled them later and found out they’re called the Umbra Trigg Wall Vessel by Moe Takemura. I can thing of a perfect place to use them! There was a company called Scan West that had some really unique, great door designs! They work a lot with architecture firms and frequently get asked to build a one off door design. Lots of great design! Some new innovative materials used for different surfaces too.  So I’m going to show you a range of a few of my favourites. So you can just sit back and take in all of the pretty pictures, this post is all for show!



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