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Interiors Outside The Box: Villa Positano

Villa Positano Lazzarini Pickering Living Area
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Every now and then I think it’s good to go outside the box with design. Just to see what’s out there. So this week I thought I’d share an interior design that I have always liked. Villa Positano was designed by the architectural duo Lazzarini Pickering Architects, who both reside in Rome, Italy. Find out how you can use and work some of these key design elements into your home.

Design Takeaways At A Glance

  • Old mixed with new
  • Colour and pattern contrasting the neutral background
  • Tiling being used in an unconventional way

Here are some photos from the amazing Italian residence, Villa Positano.

Villa Positano-Living-Area-Lazzarini-Pickering

1. Old Mixed With New

Villa Positano was originally used as a monastery back in the 17th century. The architecture is still pretty much unchanged but that hasn’t stopped the interiors from going in the complete opposite direction.

If you have an older house that shouldn’t stop you to conforming to that style. Playing the new with the old is fun and unexpected.


2. Contrasting Colour And Pattern

A favourite in interiors for opting for a neutral palette and adding in colour elsewhere. In Villa Positano they haven’t been shy with the use of colour and pattern. The sofas are bright red with equally colourful cushion throws. As well as the tiles and the bold tapestries used through out the holiday home.

Incorporating colours with furniture and accessories is the best way to add colour without going tee total. Instead of buying an bright sofa you could cover the one you do have with a coloured throw. Or have some slipcovers made. And of course add in the accessories you feel is the right for your home.


3. Unconventional Uses

The star and main feature of Villa Positano is the tiled ribbon that runs through out the house. Snaking down from the wall, through the living room to then change its use into a dining table. Its fun unexpected and ties the whole space together. The tiles are used upstairs in the bedroom to make a platform for the bed.

You can use a theme or a pattern that unifies your space. And think about using materials in ways that its not traditionally used for. Or in different amounts. It can be tiling, wallpaper, cane, wood …anything. Flip it around and see what works!


I hope this post has given you some ideas for your home! Need a design for your space contact me here. What do you think of Villa Positano? Let me know in the comments below!



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