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January Pinterest 2022: Top 15 Favourites Amazing Ideas & Inspiration

January Pinterest 2022
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When picking out the top favourites from last month’s pinning, I realised you can definitely tell what time of the year it is! A lot of this months picks are focused around the kitchen and food. And any other cozy home comforts that don’t involve going out! Here are the picks for January Pinterest 2022!

January Pinterest 2022 Faves:


A beautiful modern boho bedroom. The choice of having a crittal door frame definitely brings the bedroom into the modern style. I like the idea of the crittal door if you’re wanting a bit of privacy in the day but don’t want to be completely isolated. It makes it like another lounge area instead.

Decor like the white framed wall gallery, the little niche bookshelf make cute details to the space. While the vibrant rug cozies up the neutral space. And the curtains add a touch more warmth and is a more of a practical feature.

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The bed is usually always the focal point in the bedroom. (Or it should be!) So a canopy bed is a great bedroom piece to work around.


This closet has been arranged so its super easy access just by using different hanging systems. Instead of over stuffing the hanging rail this might be a better way for some of us to stay organized!

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Interior Styling

I’m all about showing off your creativity! And a gallery wall is a great way to do that. Bringing together your favourite prints and collected items. This pretty wall was put together by Cecilie Kovsted.

If you want to make the most of the natural light coming in the space. Opt for light neutral colours from floor to ceiling and decor features like the open shelf divider. So you’re not stuck for storage options but are maximizing the light that comes through.

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One of the great things about having a neutral colour living room is that you can add colour in lots of different ways. Usually adding colour through accessories and home decor is the safest way to go. But if you’re brave enough you can use colour in a bigger furniture items.

I love this gold coloured sofa and how well it suits it the space. It’s fun and unexpected!

I love this cool cozy light living space in Toronto from This House 5000. Decorated with lots of natural textures and materials. Carefully selected decor like the H&M vase and standout art pieces add lots of interest and fun in the space!

Adding panelling to the wall is an effective way to mix in some practical organization utilization. By just screwing a hook in each centre you’ve created lots of extra hanging space. Which means a lot less clutter around the hallway.

Fixing a ledge above is a way to add more storage without taking up too much space. If there’s space for a bench and storage baskets, then that’s even better. And removable wallpaper can add a fun touch to the entryway.

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A simple Scandinavian style kitchen. All neutral coloured creams and natural textures to create a beautiful breakfast dining area.

The blue colour in this kitchen is so beautiful and the gorgeous mobile pendant light tops the space off. And the bright colours of the tulips on the table seem to make the blue wall colour pop even more.

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I love how organized and practical the shelf styling in this kitchen is. But also it’s so pretty! Pastel pinks, aquamarine and coppers make up the colour palette. Not forgetting the kitchen essentials like the stylish Smeg toaster.

Green is very much the colour of the moment. And this paint colour is gorgeous! It’s Green Smoke from Farrow & Ball. It’s a little moodier than the green shade they pulled out for this year. I prefer this shade. I love the brass finishes and the rustic wood which work all so well together.

Naked Kitchens is a UK company that specialize is glamming up Ikea kitchens. This particular kitchen is the Pelham design. A mix of open and closed cabinetry in a mustard yellow and walnut tone. The door details is the Ladbroke finish. A bright and modern kitchen design. If this doesn’t doesn’t get you in a good mood for the morning, I don’t know what will!

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The best thing about the colder months is the comfort food. I’ve been pinning a few food ideas for the season! A breakfast hash that looks like it would fill you up for the whole day. And a good old classic tomato soup. Home made is always the best!

That rounds off January Pinterest 2022! Hope you got some good ideas from there!


Shop Inspiration Faves

Ikea SINNERLIG Pendant

One of the favourite lights from Ikea, the Sinnerlig bamboo pendant.

H&M Ceramic Vase

Sculptural ceramic H&M vase.

Amazon Hooks

Double black hooks from Amazon.

Mobil 100 Pendant

The stunning pendant light by Monika Mulder.

SMEG Toaster

The stylish Smeg toaster.

January Pinterest 2022

Featured Image: Unsplash

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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