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January Pinterest: Top 15 For Ideas and Inspiration

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I hope you’re enjoying the start of the 2020! I love bringing you the best ideas and inspiration to start off each new month. Here is the January Pinterest edition for my favourites in design and creativity.


The feature image is a beautiful art curated dining area. Just a small section of a fantastic Beverly Hills home designed by Jamie Bush. The dining area isn’t made up of a lot of pieces but almost every piece is a piece of art. It’s like a mini art gallery.

January Pinterest: Top 15 For Ideas and Inspiration - Japandi Interior design
Source: Muuto Design

This interior is another example of well curated space, Japandi style. The interior has enough impact but is of the more minimal aspect that Scandinivian and Japanese blend is known for.

Sometimes is good to look outside the home for home inspiration. You look get ideas from retail or from hospitality like this Asian style lounge area. This look is quite dramatic!

Sometimes all you need are the classics in furniture and accessories. A minimal look but timeless.

January Pinterest: Top 15 For Ideas and Inspiration - Small wallpapered bathroom
Source: Lime Lace

How about trying something totally different in a smaller room? This powder bathroom is definitely a conversation starter with the tropical wallpaper. And once you’ve tried a small room you might want to go on to bigger projects!

Source: Lianne Carey

Is this room for a baby? Because take out the crib (which I love by the way) and I think a good lot of people would be happy with this as their bedroom.

January Pinterest: Top 15 For Ideas and Inspiration - Stylish Office Desk nook
Source: Bree Leech

What a cool idea for a desk space! Its practical and I love the different materials and colours used. From the terrazzo back drop and the black and beige colour contrast.

Interior Styling & Curating

A really fun gallery wall mixed with canvases, quirky prints and patterns and the kids handy works too! There’s so many ideas you can put into your gallery wall.

I love this custom herringbone headboard idea with the floating nightstand drawers. A design like this frees up so much floor space in your bedroom if you have limited space.

Source: Lulus

How fancy are these gold rimmed glasses and gold straws? All thats needed is a cocktail and fill it up to the rim!

Source: Pinterest

Yes, another flat lay photo makes the January Pinterest post like last month’s Pinterest. Still feeling the moody winter vibe!


A modern and multi functional furniture. Having a storage table in your living room is very handy.


January Pinterest: Top 15 For Ideas and Inspiration - Organised Spice Drawer
Source: Hunker

This is such a simple kitchen organisation tip, but I love it! Putting your spice jars in a drawer keeps keeps the kitchen counters clearer with only the essentials put out on display.


Source: De De Ce

A beautiful court yard design actually from a home located in Sydney. The Australian climate of course is totally different but that doesn’t mean to say the idea can’t be done on a smaller scale. Actually, the pink magnolia tree reminds me of the Elan Cafe interiors.


Another fashion classic for your wardrobe. This fringe YSL is an oldie but a goodie!

Are there any ideas from January Pinterest that you are going try out for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


This post may contain some affiliate links which I may make a commission from.

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