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Labuan Bajo Indonesia: Travel Guide

Updated 19th November 2019
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At the end of last year I went back to Indonesia as mentioned in my last post. I have been a few times but each time there’s something different to see and explore. This time we were lucky enough to explore the beautiful islands of Flores.

With Labuan Bajo being a main fishing town in Flores there is access to see a lot more amazing landscapes with a sailing trip around the islands. It is a great way to see the islands from different perspective. We did a 3 day 2 night trip around the islands with Phinisi on the Adishree. The crew was amazing, so friendly and were sure to give you the do’s and don’t for when we hopped on the islands. The preservation of the environment was always their main concern. They gave us a warm welcome and a full spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner was given each day.

Sunset Sailing off Labuan Bajo Indonesia
Adishree Boat Sailing From Labuan Bajo
Kids from Komodo Island saying hello Indonesia

Kelor Island

The first morning was a hike up Kelor Island early morning. It’s not a difficult hike and has route of stairs up more or less up to the top of the island. Amazing views looking down to the beach and the surrounding islands. It’s best to go early morning because it’s not so hot and there are other groups coming up a bit later.

Views after Hiking Kelor Island Indonesia
Hiking Kelor Island Indonesia


With so many islands around there are lots of good spots around for snorkelling. Indonesia has some of the best coral areas with the most abundant marine life. We swam with manta rays, turtles, lots of “Nemos” and “Dorey’s” and loads of other life I don’t have the proper or Disney name for. Some of the snorkelling spots are shallow and you have to be careful with not crushing the coral. We were lucky enough to see dolphins when sailing on the boat and a few turtles beneath the waves too.

Sailing around the Indonesian Islands

Pink Beach

Probably the highlight of the trip. Almost a dream like experience. Pink Beach on Komodo Island is a popular destination when seeing the islands. The fragments of red coral mixed with the sand making it incredibly beautiful.

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

Coconut on Pink Beach Komodo Island

Komodo Island

The main attraction of the area, the Labuan Bajo airport is named after them. The Komodo dragons! The National Komodo Park. The term “park” used loosely because they just roam around on the island along with the people who live on the island. Apparently the Komodo dragons have been around for millions of years. I did consider whether I wanted to go after I read up on them. They eat anything! Including each other. They are fast. They are venomous. Having said that stick with your guide, don’t get too close and you’ll be fine!

Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the best countries for coffee. Each region including Flores has its own distinct flavour. So if you love your coffee I would definitely pick up a few bags of coffee beans!

Ayana Komodo Resort

If you are looking to for a luxury stay for part of the trip…. Ayana Komodo Resort is a brand new 5 star hotel on Waecicu Beach. Amazing views on to the ocean with jetty that snakes out from the beach. The staff are so friendly and service is great. The hotel has recently opened and there is still some work going on but it’s hardly noticeable. It’s well worth a visit for just a night or two! The rooms and the facilities are great! I love the interior design and the rooftop bar is so nice!

Hotel Ayana Komodo Resort Waecicu Beach
Roof top bar Hotel Ayana Komodo Resort Waecicu Beach
Hotel Ayana Komodo Resort Waecicu Beach views of the jetty

This is just my experience of what me and friends did in Labuan Bajo when I was there. Are you planning to visit? Or if you have visited, what your best travel tips are in the comments below!


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