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Lacquered Walls: Not Where You Expect

Lacquered Walls: Not Where You Expect
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Think lacquered and glossy walls. Where do you think of? The bathroom? The kitchen? More than likely. But no. Lacquered walls and glossy walls are showing up all over in the homes. Including the rooms you might not expect. Layers of lacquer are being applied to living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms, in the latest trend. Whether it’s multiple coats on the ceiling to give it that expansive limitless effect or walls for a mirror like finish. A bold look for what what have usually been saved for practical reasons for the bathroom and kitchen is now being used in every room.


Image Source: Sadie+Stella



Why Lacquered Walls

Lacquered walls add depth to the colour and the objects around it. Light is reflected off the walls giving the room a sense of larger feel. It’s definitely a way to add a glamourous drama to your space when adding colour too. This is not be used casually. Everything is the space is going to magnified 10 fold in a glossy room. So make sure that the things you put in there are just as attractive and high maintenance as lacquered walls! Poppy Delevingne’s London home was featured in Architectural Digest. Her living room walls finished in dark gloss paired with a gorgeous garnet velvet sofa with lighting bolt mirror artwork. Ultimately showing the sophisticated and luxurious look lacquered walls can give.

Image Source: Elle Decor



Get The Lacquered Look

If you are going to try out the latest trend get a professional in. Unless you’re a pro yourself this look is going to take a lot of time to get right. You will need at least 3 layers of lacquer and paint brushes are probably not the best tool for the job. A spray job will get the best results with good preparation of the surfaces beforehand. Evening out the defects with a plaster. Then wiping down and using a primer before applying your lacquer. Get it done right and it’s going to look amazing just like these rooms!


Image Source: Architectural Digest


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