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Productive Working For Laptop Lifestyle

Productive Working For Laptop Lifestyle
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Often you want to get out of the house to work away from home or the office. You want to be living the laptop lifestyle. You can take your work with you wherever you go. A coffee shop, the library, or maybe a cool shared work space. The trouble is when you’re away from your “work space” sometimes it doesn’t seem like you’re working. So distractions usually come up. In the form of Facebook, clicking on random entertainment news on Google plus everything else!


I often find myself going to work in coffee shops to work. A few weeks ago I went to do some work at a local coffee place and found I had forgotten my laptop charger. So annoying! My laptop had a battery percentage of 55. I considered going back for it but I had already got my drink waiting for me at the table. Instead of going back for the charger I decided to get on with whatever work I could do. You know what I found? I actually worked better.


Laptop Do Or Die

Knowing I only had so much power left, I knew I only had a certain amount of time to get the work I had planned finished. There was no time to browse the internet endlessly article after article. Newsfeed after newsfeed. It was do or die. Literally. (In laptop terms). Priorities become a lot clearer and gave an imposed deadline to work effectively.

Now I purposely leave my charger at home when I want to finish or accomplish certain things like a blog post I’m working on. I charge my laptop up 100 before I leave to go to the coffee shop or the night before.


Spilt Your Time

What I also find helpful is to bring a notebook and magazine or a book related to what you’re working on. So after you’re finished on the laptop you can write down any ideas that you might have that would refine your work. Try out this method and let me know if its works for you!


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