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Lina Iris Viktor: Featured Artist

Lina Iris Viktor the artist with Liberian heritage and based in New York. Her work is bold and mythical with a contemporary feel. Lina creates her artwork by mixing photography, acrylic paint and gilding to make her canvases. The artist is London born and her parents from Liberia. The history of Liberia that she often explores in her work. The African country founded by the US after the emancipation of black slaves.

Artist Lina Iris Viktor with her work
Source: Essence

Creative Background

Viktor comes from a creative background, performing as a young child in plays and musicals. She went to the US to continue her theatre studies. From there she got in to film and worked under Spike Lee for just under a year. Both theatre and film industries proved too politically driven for Viktor and that’s when she focused on art. Preferring to have autonomy over her creative vision rather than compromising due to politics and different agendas which she found to be the case before.

Lina Iris Viktor painting from the Haven series
Source: Artsy

Viktor’s Works

Lina’s amazing work is bold with colour and intricate abstract patterns. Her work is heavily detailed, structured and methodical. Black and gold features heavily in her work. Black, she associates with nobility and aristocracy. The colour of the universe, from where there was once nothing but where everything began. She uses only 24 carat gold in her work for what the colour and material represents spiritually more than anything else. Black queens take up centre and prime position in her paintings. She uses herself as the model which then she guilds by hand. The self portraits set up the narrative for the historic and spiritual elements of her work.

Lina Iris Viktor painting from the Haven series
Source: Noma

The artist has been busy with exhibitions in New Orleans and commissions from Wu-Tang Clan. And has recently settled the law suit against Kendrick Lamar and SZA from the music video “All the Stars” taken from the Black Panther soundtrack.

Her next exhibition, “Some Are Born To Endless Night – Dark Matter” is in the London art gallery Autograph from September 2019 to January 2020. Or you can find out more about Lina Iris Viktor and her work here. Check out last month’s featured artist here.

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Lina Iris Viktor painting from the Haven series
Source: Artnet


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