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Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Updated 30th March 2021
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April is here! Spring cleaning time! This is always a time I look forward to because it’s a time for change. And this doesn’t necessarily mean going out and buying a whole lot of new stuff. It’s a change for the better and for the new season.

For the month of April I’m going to be tackling spring cleaning room by room. Starting this week with the bedroom! Just like yourself you’ve probably changed a considerable amount in the last year. And other than the main function of sleeping, your bedroom probably needs changing too. Speaking of sleeping, your bed linens….

Bed Linens

Its time to take off the heavy duty duvets and the extra fur and velvet throws. Replace with something lighter fabrics and layers. You might even want to use specific patterns and colours for the next few months. It makes a difference! Pack away your winter warmers for the next couple of seasons. If you have a bed that is off the floor. Give it a good clean underneath. You might have to move around some things around. The amount of things that collect underneath is unbelievable.

Making Spring Cleaning Look Good: The Bedroom - Zara Home Inspiration 2019 - Botanical
Source: Zara Home

Wardrobe, Closet & Clothes

The same goes for your clothes. Easy access to t-shirts, tops, dresses and blazers for the spring summer season. You don’t have to pack them away but you can simply do a swap round. Jumpers, hats and hoodies you can put in your bottom drawer. All other items are brought up to the top. Small change, big difference. While you’re there, see what can be can be given away, sold or chucked out. You know what you’re not going to wear ever again!

Drawers & Nightstand Surfaces

I often put something like a letter down on the top of my nightstand and it can stay there for weeks. Sometimes you just accumulate clutter that is only meant to be temporary. Once you clear the surfaces properly. It’s a chance to showcase your most best and pretty things. And the things you use most often. Like books, perfumes, accessories and artwork. You might find little details in things you hadn’t realised before. Those you can bring to the forefront.

Source: Shabby Roses

Hardly any money spent and your bedroom looks and feels like a new place. Which makes you look and feel like a new person. Let me know what bedroom tips work for you, when it comes to spring cleaning in the comments below!


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