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Making Spring Cleaning Look Good: The Living Room

Updated 15th March 2022
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This week, carrying on the Spring Cleaning series for April, we are looking at the living room. I think the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house but now a days with open concept being so common the living room comes a close second. I think it’s the most fun to reorganise because you can change around the furniture and pretty much get a whole new living room. And it doesn’t take as much energy to do as the kitchen.

Clean & Organise

The living room still needs a sort out regardless… It’s time to get behind and under the sofas, remove the sofa cushions and vacuum. Clear out any old papers, magazines or stuff laying about. Get in the storage cupboards and shelves and declutter. Remove all furnishings to make sure you clean and polish the surfaces. You can use this opportunity to sell a few items online that you might have lost favour with.

One thing that can get overlooked, electric wires and cables. With a lot of electronic and wifi devices in the living room, the wires can get kind of messy if you haven’t got them hidden away in a media unit. Especially if you tend to have them all located in one spot. A simple gathering of each individual wire with a rubber band or the wire wrapped around itself can make the area look so much neater.

Revise Your Layout

Depending on the size of your living room you might have the option to move some furniture pieces around. Think and look about your existing layout and see if there’s anything that you can or might like to change. Does the current layout work for you? Is there a spot in the room where you have a good view out the window? Do you want more of social area and not have all the furniture facing the tv? Think about what purposes you tend to use different parts of the space for.

Moving around a couple of main pieces can change the whole look of the space. Or creating different little areas within the space can bring the space to life. Get ideas to see how other people have done their living rooms and might work for your space.

Juggle To Decorate

After you’ve got the big stuff out the way, you can concentrate on the decorative aspects. Again you don’t have to necessarily buy anything new you can juggle around the items you currently have. Swapping rugs around from different rooms can make a great impact. Just make sure that rugs are suitable for high traffic areas if you do change them. You can change the position of a piece of artwork. Or bringing a cherished item from your bedroom that you feel deserves more attention. Buying a couple of new things doesn’t hurt either. But if you don’t need to, save your money.

Final Touches

A nice way to finish up the living room is to add some fresh flowers to the space. I just think it’s nice because it signifies a new start with the spring season and smells really nice. You can sit back and admire your new living room and relax!

Let me know what your tips for spring cleaning your living room are in the comments below or email me!


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