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Maximalist Interior Design

Updated 4th February 2020
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Last post I talked about my admiration for Dolce & Gabbana latest looks and collections and the drama that they bring to fashion and the home. And how their more is more styling is gorgeous! This week I went to a design talk hosted by Philip Jeffries with the topic of the talk maximalist in interior design. Bringing more drama and impact to the home, and not just in pillows and accessories. Speaking on the panel interior designer Meredith Heron, Philip Mitchell and Philip Bershad owner of Philip Jeffries. Editorial Director Joanna Saltz from House Beautiful magazine who lead the discussion.

Maximalist Interior by Neiman Marcus

Image Source: Elle Decor


Maximalist Design in Your Home

It was inspiring to hear of a different direction for interior design amongst all the greys, neutrals and blush tones. Don’t get me wrong I still like a neutral style. But when all the designs meld into one it can start to get mundane. And no design differs from one to the next. That’s when the maximalist comes in. Not clutter. Not garish. But your story and personality shown through your home. Colour. Layers. Textures. Patterns. Travel. Inspiration. YOU. Items not matching but complimenting. Your unique personal story which no one else has. Some things you might have a mutual taste with another friend but not everything. Your story goes on and is ever changing. Never completely finished. The same goes for us as individuals.


Maximalist Interiors by Neiman Marcus

Image Source: Elle Decor


Rules to Maximalist Design

If the maximalist style is what you like? Cool. If the neutral greys and blush trend is you that’s cool too. There are no rules. Maybe just step out your comfort zone a bit. Prints and textures on walls and ceilings instead of used sparingly on the pillows. A colour that has personal meaning to you somewhere. Trips away or to different restaurants for inspiration. If you’re stuck you can follow me on Instagram, I love taking trips to different coffee shops and restaurants just for the interior design! Food and drinks are bonuses, and personal company too! What does maximalist design mean to you? Let me know in the comments!



Maximalist Interiors by Amaro Sanchez de Moya

Image Source: Elle Decor


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