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Millennial Pink: Pink Interiors

Millennial Pink: Pink Interiors
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Not exactly the shade you would most associate for the September Autumn season. But millennial pink is still very much on trend for this year (and the previous). Pink, millennial pink, a darker blush which ever you prefer is still around. Last year Pantone paired Rose Quartz with Serenity Blue to create their first duo for the colour of the year. So think rose quartz with a darker edgier shade and there you have millennial pink.


Successful Pink Interiors

A lot of retail and hospitality places have had big success in adopting a pink shade for their space. Creating an unusual stand out spot whether to visit, shop or eat. And not a place that you’re likely to forget. There are some really cool and interesting retail places that can provide inspiration. Here are some pink interiors from around the world that show just how subtle or dramatic pink can be used within interiors.


Normann Copenhagen

Image Source: Bara Perglova

Different shades of pink have been used in the Denmark flagship store of Normann Copenhagen. The deeper maroons help to balance out the scheme.


RED Valentino

Image Source: The Cool Hunter

The RED Valentino store in Rome, Italy was designed using more of the salmon beige pink tones. Paired with whites and rose gold it’s a gorgeous but subtle interior along with the soft lines and curves used through out.



Image Source: Retail Design

A fun theatrical changing room in Glasson’s flagship in New Zealand. You might think pink alone is daring enough but you can pair with other bold colours like the yellow seat area centred to the fitting room. Pink doesn’t have to be paired with just neutrals for the colours to work in a room.


Sketch London

Image Source: Sketch London

It’s just full on pink here at the Gallery at Sketch London! It works so well with all the different textures and the amazing floor. The neutral here is the pink, used as a back drop for artist’s David Shrigley’s drawings. With the only other neutrals being the white linens used on the table tops. Sketch asks it’s visitors to dress in attire just as unique as it’s space. “…to dress with a sense of style and character.”


Nanan Patisserie

Image Source: This is Glamorous

Luxurious padded walls envelop the lushious patisserie of Nanan in Warsaw Poland.





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