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Mommy Life vs. Working Life

Updated 17th November 2019
Mommy life vs. Working Life
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Mommy life vs. working life. I wish this was a “how to” write up! But it’s not! I recently became a mom to my beautiful daughter of 2 months Shiloh. You will see there has been a slight gap in the blog timeline!

Years before I even had Shiloh my ideal was to work from home while taking care of my children. I see so many other women building successful careers and businesses while working for themselves. My thought is I can be one of those women. Mommy life vs working life. Or should it be mommy balancing working life? Like most mothers do!

It’s early days still but I’m still figuring out a routine for my little one. Plus the all important question of what I should be doing when I do have some free time on my hands?! Should I be sleeping when she sleeps? Tidying up from the daily activities? Or maybe get an hour or two in working on my business. At the moment I’m not sure what takes the priority position!

I’ve always admired the women who go out to work and are still there for their children. My Mom included. I also see how hard it is! As a result I thought working from home would be the better option. Maybe it is but the work life area has fallen by the wayside for the past 2 months. Not my original plan! I’m enjoying the mommy life so much but I love when I’m able to squeeze in a blog post or some design work.

I’m so extremely lucky to be able to have so much time with my daughter! I have a loving, supportive husband and family. But I am also aware of how my business is not going to run itself (not quite yet anyway). So I guess whether you’re working from home, for yourself or working a 9-5 the question is still the same. What, or is there a right mommy and working life?

Hopefully I might have a few answers in the next year or so! Let me know in the comments what your tips and tricks are to getting the balance right!


Mommy Life vs. Working Life

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