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October Pinterest 2020: Top 15 Inspiration & Ideas

Updated 5th January 2021
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Hey everyone! Here is my shortlist for the October Pinterest. Inspiration, creativity and ideas are always are must, especially during these times!

The feature image for the October Pinterest is by Ashe Leandro with this super beautiful and sophisticated office area. Apart from the overall design of the room (which is gorgeous) just the fact that it’s a simple desk angled in the corner facing inward of the room is different.

The desk is in a command position but not taking up a huge area of the room.


Source: Pinterest

How incredible is this living room? Not only has it got tonnes of natural light coming through but an amazing brick arch feature used to case the media wall and bookshelves. The details like the book styling and the marble coffee table complete the space.

Source: Airbnb

A beautiful bathroom vanity area opting for blue toned tiles to set the basin. The herringbone pattern of the upper part of the wall plays off the stacked tile used for the vanity. Brass finishes and hardware work well with the cool blue tiles which warm the design up.

Source: Stadshem

A minimal styled living room is balanced out by using soft and warm textured furnishings. The colours and the textures in the cushions adds warmth to the room, a ultra modern Scandi living room.

Source: Pinterest

Another minimal aesthetic with a more contemporary feel, using a lot more sculptural furniture and pieces to make a statement living room. The mix of new pieces and vintage finds adds balance and interest to the room.

Source: Branch Abode

Don’t let those small spaces in your home go to waste! This niche is a great area for a desk set up, out of the way for some privacy. Adding some plants always helps to fill the space up no matter what you decide to use it for.

An absolutely fun and cool gallery wall using an array of artists, prints and frames is complimented by a fantastic green coloured seating bench. A mid century look that most people would love!

It’s always a good idea to have an area in the hallway where you can sit and put on your shoes. Doubling the function by making it a storage bench makes even more sense! Love the transitional design by using panelling and wallpaper in a modern colour tone.


Source: Pinterest

Terrazzo is a fun way of incorporating subtle pops of colour into a neutral design scheme. The finish of this staircase adds life and interest into the space. I’m not sure if this is from a home or hospitality design but I like the contrast.

Source: Tudo & Co

I can’t get enough of cool light fixtures at the moment. I think of light fixtures as almost like a piece of jewellery that tops your outfit off! This brass pulley light above the side table finishes off this corner perfectly.

Christmas Decor

This year has definitely been about going to back to handmade crafts! I will be trying a few of these myself for Christmas decor this year!

These paper trees are a simple and cute idea and easy to make. Use them for an easy decor for a table setting.

Source: Borastapeter

Pretty baubles for the Christmas tree don’t always have to be bought new. These beautiful decorations are made from wallpaper strips and just as pretty. If you have kids and pets around you don’t have to worry about breakages! Ideal!

Little felt acorns to hang from your tree! Perfect for Autumn decor and Christmas.


A big oversized roll neck jumper is just what is needed keep warm and stylish in these months.

Source: Braids Gang

Love the hair, the hoodie, the makeup the whole look. Another super cozy and comfortable outfit to wear indoor or outdoor.

What are you favourites from this October Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below!


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