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On The Fringe…

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I had a magazine binge the other day and was through Living etc magazine and came across their article all about the fringe trend within the home. Not your little fringe edge around the cushion, fringe. Or even the rugs. Everything but! Wallpaper and chairs included. Layers and layers upon fringe. A “military” inspired style. The first thing I thought when I saw the fringed wallpaper was it looks great but can it be cleaned lol! The statement  wallpaper is from the Tracey Kendall collection. I found myself scouring Pinterest and the web to see what else was being offered for fringe items in interiors. High street home retailers sticking to the smaller furnishings like lighting and soft furnishings. And high end retailers like Munna and Artemest leading the way in bold colours, sofas and gorgeous chairs.


Fringe 280 Munna


Chloe Dominik Tracey Kendall Fringed Wallpaper

Tracey Kendall Fringed Wallpaper


Chloe Dominik - Loremi Poof

Artemest Loremi Poof

Fringing Season

Munna has some really cool, modern designs. Sofas and stools in various colours as well as multicoloured options. Not everyone is going to be in love with a fringed sofa for all of time! However I’ve seen a lot of really nice lighting that picks up on the trend. Like the ones shown below from Rocket St. George and Anthropologie. A vintage look and a modern option. Fringing isn’t just for the bohemian styled interior. The Wink pendant is a really cool fixture. A contemporary abstract light from Masquespacio and Houtique. Still different but not out of place. So nice!



Chloe Dominik - Wink Pendant Light

Wink Pendant Light Masquespacio


Chlor Dominik Oahu Fringed Chandelier from Anthropologie

Oahu Fringed Chandelier Anthropologie


What do you think about the fringe trend? Love it or leave it alone? Have you bought anything fringed that you love? Or are you just going to be sticking with the traditional rugs and cushions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!





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