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Original Canvas: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

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Hi guys! Hope you’ve been having a good week! Last week was the 55th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition which was held at Nathan Phillips Square. I’ve always enjoyed the art aspect by as its own entity and within interior design. I love the feeling that bringing a painting in to room can bring and how and it can change the whole space. The great thing about going to art exhibitions like this one is you get to personally pick a piece of art that speaks to you. It’s an  original one off piece and you get a chance to talk with the artist and find out about the painting and learn a bit about the artist too.

I spent a good few hours trawling the stands, chatting to the artists and asking what techniques they used for their paintings. The artists inspiration for the pieces varied from just wanting to create something of beauty, to making a statement about the environment or just experimenting with shapes and seeing what the final result came to be. A whole spectrum of styles in one place fairs like the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition is the ideal place to go and look for the final finishing touches for a room. Abstract, landscapes, illustration and lots more. And guaranteed you won’t see your piece anywhere else!

Here are my favourite artists from the show and their website are listed below as well.




Everything I Want The World To Be Lori Mirabelli LM

Everything I Want The World To Be: Lori Mirabelli

Miwok Bear Walking Into Shade Daniel St Amant

MOLIMO: Miwok “Bear Walking Into Shade”: Daniel St-Amant

Ben Sellick

Ben Sellick

The Undertow King Pat Cantin

The Undertow King: Pat Cantin

Azure Series 20-1 Mixed Media Colleen Ewing

Azure Series #20-1: Colleen Ewing

Claudette Loiser

Claudette Loiser

JoAnn Ralph

JoAnn Ralph

Brief and Fragile Anne Renouf

Brief and Fragile: Anne Renouf

Subtle Wind Katrina Schaman

Subtle Wind: Katrina Schaman

Psychomachia Susanne ClarkPsychomachia: Susanne Clark


1. Lori Mirabelli

2. Daniel St-Amant

3. Ben Sellick

4. Pat Cantin

5. Colleen Ewing

6. Claudette Loiser

7. JoAnn Ralph

8. Anne Renouf

9. Katrina Schaman

10. Susanne Clark


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