Patrice Washington: How Space Organisation Gets Your Money Mindset Right

Patrice Washington: How Space Organsation Helps Your Money Mindset

Patrice Washington is known as a financial expert with regular appearances on the Steve Harvey show and Dr. Oz. She has gone from being in debt, losing everything in the financial crisis to making a come back creating a 7 figure business and overcoming other personal issues. I came across her for the first time a couple of weeks ago on YouTube through the channel Women of Impact. Where she talks about how she got to the place where is she is now and how she runs a thriving business and how to get your money right. Both as a single person and in marriage.

So what’s financial success got to do with the your home and space? Patrice talks about how she teaches her steps to financial success known as the “pillars” in her coaching with others. The six pillars include health, relationships, money, work, faith and space.

The Space Pillar

Wealth is about well being in all areas of life and your space and home is one of them. An important one, as it’s where a lot of time is spent. One of the quotes that I loved from the interview is “Clutter is the physical manifestation of chaos in your in mind.” Whatever the goals that you are working towards getting your space in order can help you achieve clarity and productivity in getting there.

It’s about loving the space that you have and making the most of it. Whether that’s productivity in your office, relaxing with the family in the living room. Or just getting a good night’s sleep. All of these things matter. And just because things are neatly put away doesn’t mean they are “needed”. Evaluation is necessary! Junk causes distraction and can weigh you down physically and mentally. Everyone needs a place to come back to that feels good and pleasant to be in.

Patrice Washington: How Space Organsation Helps Your Money Mindset - Tidy Living Room Tidy Mind!
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Patrice Washington covers a more about her pillars of wealth and her personal journey of how she got there in the inspiring interview here. She also an author and I will be getting her latest book to read more on her financial principles. Let me know what you think about the space pillar of wealth does it help or not? Comment below!