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Patricia Bright: Heart & Hustle Review

Updated 5th June 2019
Patricia Bright Heart & Hustle
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Patricia Bright’s book Heart & Hustle is the latest #Girlboss guide to having a successful business in today’s world. A world where the social media rules and you can make a living on on any platform in any location. YouTuber favourite Patricia Bright tells her story in Heart & Hustle.

Patricia Bright Brand

Patricia Bright has been sharing her hauls, beauty and advice on YouTube for years now. Her honest opinions and sense of humour have long been a part of my relax time now. So much so that my Mom and my husband have been introduced to her too. One thing that that I really appreciate of late is the business advice that she’s shared in her videos. So when she came out with her Heart & Hustle I ordered it straight away.

There are lots of books out there about business and growing your brand, and career but when you’ve watched someone for years it gives you a different perspective. Books read are great but sometimes although you feel inspired by the author there is a big relatability gap. Watching Patricia through the years I didn’t feel that with reading her book. And I guess that’s one of the big reasons why she’s expanded her business so much and been able to write this book. Taking notes!

Business or Biography?

Heart & Hustle is really easy to read, I read it on and off within a week. I really enjoyed her story telling and her life experiences in the book. I was expecting a bit more in depth information on the actual business side of growing a brand. There were some tips and advice but a bit more of the general side. If you’re starting from scratch to building your brand you could probably be easier to watch her videos.

Having said that it’s always interesting to read about the stories and experiences of others, there’s always at least one take away you can apply. My take aways was the amount of different business ideas she tried before she nailed it. And her Mom as her inspiration. Also, going against the grain of what everyone from her job told her to do by quitting doing videos. Doing what’s right for her.

All in all a nice inspiration book to have amongst your bookshelves. I know Patricia has a course that seems as it goes in to more detail to building a brand online. Let me know what books have helped you with your brand and business in the comments below!


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