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Rattan Lighting For Spring: Part 1

Updated 17th March 2019
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Rattan is a great option for lighting. It’s light, decorative and is usually quite affordable. I love the option for spring and going into summer, though of course it can be used any time of the year. For me it just reminds me of a spring summer, holiday feel.

Rattan lighting has been around forever but rattan is up there in the trends for this year. It being a from a sustainable source which is higher up on most peoples agenda these days. And for years has been used in all different ways for all kinds of furniture because of it’s strength. Most commonly you’d think of a Boho style or maybe a Scandinavian type of look. And rattan was a material that I came across all the time when in Indonesia. A place that seems to make the most out of it’s natural resources.

You can mix rattan lighting up any way you like. I’ve come across a lot of lighting that’s not your typical ‘look’ but more of a modern style. As well as more of the rattan lighting that we’re used to seeing and still looks great! It’s flexible as its not a true wood it’s a liana because of it’s long woody stem. Because of this you can get some really cool decorative and sculptural shapes. It looks great when the light from the lamp is cast on to the ceilings and walls in the evening.

Here’s some interior lighting inspiration below! Part 2 will be coming soon, taking a look at some of the styles and what might suit your style and taste. Let me know in the comments which is your favourite inspiration photo!


Rattan Lighting: Interiors

Basket - Rattan Lighting For Spring
Source: Love Frankie
Open Closed - Rattan Lighting For Spring
Source: Pinterest
Structured - Rattan Lighting For Spring
Source: JoliPlace
Open - Rattan Lighting For Spring
Source: GlamourParis (no longer showing)
Tiered - Rattan Lighting For Spring
Source: Trendhmdcr

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