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Scottish Hospitality: NC500 Road Trip

Updated 15th November 2017
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It’s been so so long! But my blog has never been far from my mind! So sorry guys! I don’t know how it ever got this long with no post! Work, play and life! For my resurgence I thought I would give you some idea of what I’ve been up to these past months with a travel post. None other than my experience of the Highlands!


I went back home to England for a while and to make the most of the visit the trip me and my friends thought we’d cross the border to Scotland and do a trip of the North Coast. I love to travel and there are some places I wish I would have explored more before I travelled over the pond as I’d only been to Scotland once before for a day. But then this made our 4 day adventure that much better! It was new for all of us. And it was so worth it!


We drove the NC500 route, apparently Scotland’s answer version to Route 66. I didn’t even know Scotland had anything like this, it was our friend who organised it all! Bless her! Flying from Luton airport to Inverness we arrived just before 9am bright and breezy (it was more than breezy!) and half asleep. Starting in from Inverness we picked up our hire car, jumped in the 8 seater hire car carrier and hit the ground running, making lots of stops (eating and camera stops) on our way to our each of daily resting destinations. And that’s what we did for the next 4 days!

We travelled through mountains, valleys, around lochs, and passed by farms and hamlets. A hamlet in the Highlands is like “neighbours” a few miles apart from each other. And it was incredible. The scenery was literally out of Lord of The Rings! There was no signal, no network for phones and that’s what makes the Highlands what it is. Just peace. Just stunning views. It was just so, so different. We hadn’t totally lost our city ways being immersed in the coastal surroundings. Best believe when there was Wi-Fi available we jumped straight on it! More so to show off our pictures from the day! We appreciated the long journeys because the scenery of the Scottish Coast was nothing short of amazing.



I had no idea of what array Scotland has to offer. We saw dolphins, reindeer that ran off from the hillside into the road right alongside our car (I’m still upset that no one in car got a picture of that! I was driving that day.) We also saw some kind of bird of prey the size of its shadow that swooped over the car whilst driving was immense. (This one I can get past, no one had enough time to get a camera out for that one). The colours of the leaves against the dark sky, the waterfalls, the stunning white beaches, the architecture, the castles and grounds, the food (yes I sampled the haggis), the open log fires the whiskies and of course the locals. And all of this of experienced in just 4 days. I’m not sure if we got lucky or if this is just how the Highlands is all the time!


I know it’s the week before Christmas and I’m here talking about Scotland, but I think Scotland must be one of the greatest places to go for Christmas. With a glass of whiskey, in front of an open log fire and the views outside, and a possible glimpse of the Northern Lights on a clear night… I think it’s definitely one of the top places on the list.

If you do happen to be in up in the Scottish Coast for Christmas this year, you’re going to have the best time! If not, you might want to consider for next year…I’ll be sharing more details of our Scottish adventure in the New Year, because I have so much more to share!



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