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Updated 7th August 2019
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Time’s flying by so fast! October is here already! I’m back to my usual way of doing my favourites, for August favourites I did something a bit different. September-favourites is back to normal a few of my randoms, a mix of things of home décor, clothing and other bits and pieces.

1. Floppy Hat

I feel like Autumn season is the only time the floppy hat is weather appropriate. Even then it’s hit and miss. But as soon as September hit I thought to bring it time to bring it out, so I did. The day I did wear it, it was a tad too windy, so will pick a better day next time. I think some kind of hat should be in your wardrobe for this time of year.


2. Duster Jacket

Again, the fall weather can be temperamental. Too cool to go out in just a jumper? Too warm to go out in a jacket or coat? Light layers are the best way to go for this time of year. I think I’m going to get a couple more of these in a couple of different colours. My jacket is Vero Moda from Mendocino.

3. Crystal Geodes

I love decorative crystals and stones. And I’ve been looking for a nice set for a while now. So I was happy to come across this geode pair. I just need a good place to display them now, so pretty!


4.  Macadamia Hair Mask

Another one from the Macadamia line, the Deep Repair Masque. I think I’ve put one of there products in almost every one of my favourites so far. (I spend a lot of time on my hair). This is forever in my supplies. I need to get the 500ml size, the small one doesn’t last long!

5. Note Cards

I decided to go back to old ways! I picked up this nice set of water-colour notecards from Indigo, to write and send out to some friends and family. A little surprise note sometimes is so much better than a text.

6. Mugs

I picked up these huge mugs from Winners. All with different memos on I have them right on display in my kitchen as morning memos. There were lots more with different tags on, like “BOSS”, “ZEN” and others. Big mugs for when the dark nights and cold weather sets in, check!

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