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September Pinterest 2020: Top 15 Inspiration & Ideas

Updated 23rd October 2020
Fall Home Styling - September Pinterest 2020: Top 15 Inspiration & Ideas: Gorgeous minimal Fall inspired home styling with natural dried grasses for vase decor and beautifully styled on top of a bedroom dresser with personal pieces and accessories in muted beige, creams, gold and white. @chloedominik #fallinspiredhomedecor #minimalfalldecor #minimalfalldecorideas #autumnhomedecor #styledbedroomdresser #creamandgoldaesthetic
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This is my favourite time of year. So, I’m excited for September Pinterest.

Just when things start winding down and all around and things start transitioning from Summer to Fall from nature to fashion outfits. It’s an excuse to redecorate and change a few things about the house and as crazy as it is to say, attention starts turning towards Christmas.

I know, I know! How can you mention Christmas at this time? (Especially this year). But I’ve been starting to pin some Christmas stuff on my Pinterest boards!

And I know I’m not the only one!

I like to think of it as pre-planning… So here are the favourites from my September Pinterest.

The cover image is a beautifully styled but simple dresser top. It’s styled with a mirrored tray with beauty favourites laid on top, next to a stack of books and grasses in a vase.

Very simple to achieve and using mostly items you already have around the home.

Interior Styling

Elegant Dried Flowers Decor - September Pinterest 2020: Top 15 Inspiration & Ideas: Dried flowers make a beautiful Fall decor arrangement when paired with an antique brass mirror. A simple way to add some Fall decor to the home. @chloedominik #falldecor #falldecorideas #elegantfalldecor #driedflowers #driedflowerarrangements #driedflowersdecor #driedflower #driedflowersideasdecor
Source: Pinterest

Another styled dresser top styled with a antiqued brass mirror and clusters of delicate dried flowers in glass jars. Decorating with dried flowers and grasses seem to be the height of popularity at the moment.

I like it!

A stunning festive Christmas table scape by Zara Home. I love the contrast of the big dried white wreath above the table with the moody purple and reds and the rustic wooden furniture.

Stunning Christmas Tablescape - September Pinterest 2020: Top 15 Inspiration & Ideas: Simple Christmas decor used in an unusual way creates this stunning Christmas table setting idea. With twinkle lights wrapped around to circle halos above the dining table. Clear and gold dining ware set an elegant tone for the table. @chloedominik #christmastablescapes #stunningchristmastablesettings #christmastablesettings #elegantchristmastablescapes #elegantchristmastablescapesgold
Source: Merci Paris

A more of minimal approach the the Christmas table setting but just as stunning. The combination of the twinkle light halos and the horizontal hanging decorative feature mixes up interesting shaped above the table.

I love the dinnerware settings of gold and clear glass.

Source: Pinterest

Apart from the obvious amazing glass staircase and the photo gallery wall to go with it, the space underneath the stairs is just as interesting. Personalizing what would be an empty space with books and decor makes a big difference.

Bathroom Interiors

An ultra modern wet room bathroom interior using different textures and materials on the three of the four planes.

Everything about this powder room bathroom I love. The use of the light fixture in the corner next to the mirror instead of it being above the mirror or symmetrical either side. As well as the tiny tiles dark glossy tiles.

Source: Praxis 3

What a ceiling! I think the bathroom is the best place to go brave when trying out a new design.

Source: Pinterest

If you’re someone who likes a good wind down session in the bath, then this long armed sconce is a great addition to the bathroom. You can spend some extra time reading in the bath!

Living Room Interior

Arched Built Ins Living Room - September Pinterest 2020: Top 15 Inspiration & Ideas: Decorative arched built ins fill the back wall of this living room by Katie La Vie in a gorgeous sage green colour, a great storage idea for a living room space. The room is  finished with modern furniture against the traditional backdrop. @chloedominik #archedbuiltinslivingroom #builtinshelveslivingroom #livingroomideas #livingroombuiltinsdecor #livingroombuiltindecorideas #greenlivingroom
Source: Kate Lavie

The built in shelves of this living room are lovely. I’m all for adding more storage to the space and even more so if done in a unique kind of way. The colour adds to the shelving unit but in a subtle way.

The ceiling details, the light fixture, the furniture. It’s a perfect balance between a classic and a modern style.

Bedroom Interiors

With minimal design its all about choosing the right details. These wall sconces are super cool and modern.

Source: El Mueble

Having a built in storage and headboard for the bedroom just ticks so many boxes in terms of function and style. This natural wooden ledge works and book niche works nicely as a dual purpose for the headboard.

Terracotta & Cream Bedroom - September Pinterest 2020: Top 15 Inspiration & Ideas: A gorgeous minimal Fall inspired terracotta and cream coloured bedroom and work space creates a relaxing space to come and rest or to focus on work for the day. @chloedominik #fallinspiredbedroom #fallinspiredbedroomdecor #teracottaandcream #terracottaandcreambedroom #bedroomworkspace #bedroomworkspaceideas #minimalistbedroomworkspace
Source: Twitter

Sometimes a bedroom has to be fit for other uses like a work area. If you’re low on bedroom space using acrylic furniture is a good way to make it feel less cluttered while still getting the most out of your space.

Aside from the layout of the bedroom, loving the Autumnal colour palette of terracottas and creams for the space.

Making the most out of the bedroom space by incorporating bunk beds in to the room. You can achieve a modern and thoughtful look with a custom design.

Great for a guest room or a children’s bedroom.

Source: Tap + Barn

This bedroom design is spot on!

From the furniture and decor choices to the rug size. Installing a sliding door between the bedroom and ensuite bathroom allowed for a hanging chair by getting the extra inches out of the space.

What are your favourites from the September Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below!


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